Kony 2012 Video is BULLSHIT

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Video Description Below:

In today’s video, A Ugandan perspective explains why the Kony 2012 short film is complete Mainstream media propaganda.

Uganda‘s outrage over the Kony 2012 Video:…

AFRICOM and InvisibleChildren:

In response to Kony 2012 video made by InvisibleChildren, I do not think the LRA or Kony is good and I do not support them.

I trust the 100 U.S. military troops already sent are doing their job to find Kony, whether he is dead or alive and do what needs to be done for the sake of Central Africa.

I am just promoting the education one should do before they believe everything they see. The Kony 2012 Video is not the only information you should rely on. Research. I am all for the cause, just not the video that was made.



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