The End of Precious Metals – NOT!

by Andy Hoffman,


For a decade, the gold Cartel has destroyed the global economy by preventing recognition of Central Banks’ hyperinflationary monetary policies. Come to think of it, ten centuries is more like it, as politicians inevitably realize the short-term benefits of replacing REAL MONEY with FIAT DECREE. This cycle will endure for as long as man – and bankers – roam the Earth, as human nature never changes. However, so will the immutable truth that economic prosperity can ONLY occur with money backed by true intrinsic value.

Much of fate is determined by luck, with the time one is born having just as much impact as the place. For example, my grandparents were Russian and Polish Jews born in the early 20th Century. They lived miserable childhoods and barely escaped with their lives, in my grandmother’s case by being sent to America alone. I, on the other hand, was born in New York – the world’s largest Jewish community – during peacetime. Sure, I endured a bit of anti-Semitism – but nothing I couldn’t handle – and frankly, if I were a bigger kid, would likely have endured none. Irrespective, my childhood was happy, and I was ultimately afforded the same social and financial opportunities of all my peers.

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