CIA Chief Muses To Spy On You Even Through Your Dishwasher

Every day increasing number of personal & household devices is getting connected to internet; from your TV to car navigation systems. Consequently, CIA Director David Petraeus can’t waitto monitor those extensive internet usages.

Petraeus, earlier this month, pondered about the invasion of Internet on things used on daily life — at the In-Q-Tel’s (the venture capital firm of CIA) summit. “Usually, ‘transformational’ is an overused word. On the contrary, I believe the word is properly applicable to these technologies,” said Petraeus, “especially to their impact on clandestine tradecraft.”

Eventually, all those state of the art online devices can be regarded as treasure trove of data when you possess interest to the spy community. There was a time when spies used to implant bugs in your chandelier for hearing your conversation. But with the advancement of “smart home,” messages will be automatically sent to one spying on you. Besides, the spy community can access to Geo-located data in real time as soon as you install the lighting application on your phone for adjusting the ambience of your living room.




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