The Marines Ultimate Female Recruiting Tool: Katy Perry

by SGT:

If Katy Perry’s video for ‘E.T.’, which has enjoyed 166 million views on You Tube, is loaded with Illuminati symbolism as some have claimed, then her new video ‘Part of Me’ is a blatant, in your face calling card for the U.S. Marines. And the message is a Rockefeller foundation wet dream: If your boyfriend cheats on you, get a grip and toughen up. Don’t follow your dreams, don’t find true love, don’t get married, and whatever you do, don’t have children and become a mother. Man up girls – transform yourself into an empowered masculine killing machine, join the Marines.

In the video, undoubtedly funded at least in part by the U.S. military which offers free access to all the best air, ground and sea eye candy, Katy stops at a gas station after the big break-up. On the way out of the store she notices a bumper sticker on a bulletin board which reads “All women are created equal, then some become Marines“. So Katy trades her broken heart for a M16-A2.


Don’t get me wrong, I dig women who can handle firearms, but the informed women I have in mind are generally not adolescent Katy Perry facebook fans. Their life experience and understanding of history extends beyond the local Mall.

Katy Perry is an icon to young women and teen girls throughout the country and all over the world, her popularity on You Tube rivals that of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. That Perry and her handlers have chosen to send this overt military industrial complex warfare-infused propaganda to her young impressionable female fans is a shame. It’s also a sign of the times. Watch your young ones closely my friends, the Pentagon military meat grinder wants em. And wants em bad.


2 Responses to “The Marines Ultimate Female Recruiting Tool: Katy Perry”

  1. Totally agree with you.

    • As you read “Watch your young ones closely” – That is nothing but the truth. Thanks for viewing Vividhunter. Hope to see your return again soon!

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