Those Who Do Not Support Earth Hour.

Climate Nonconformist

8.30: With the enviro-crowd wiping their conscience clean of that eco-guilt from their hypocritical lifestyles, myself and others celebrating Human Achievement Hour will be protesting their protest. To do my part (to borrow the rhetoric of the environmental movement), I have turned the lights on in every room of the house, switched the gas heater on, despite the rather mild conditions, and turned the TV on quite loud, listening to Brian Taylor’s commentary of Geelong’s first match of the season. It’s not going so well. Long story short, I lost my sprite as Fremantle kicked the first five goals, though things have improved. Still, without electricity, I wouldn’t even know what was going on in Perth, 3400km away. Thanks, modern technology.

8.35: As Geelong claw their way back into the contest, I re-read Ross McKitrick’s tribute to modern civilisation.

Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness. By repudiating the greatest engine of liberation it…

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