China Warns Japan Against Take-down of North Korean Satellite

April 1, 2012 • 8:37AM

The Global Times, an official paper of the Chinese Communist Party, after warning the Obama Administration on March 29 against its provocation of deploying an ABM system around China’s borders, warned Japan today against its threat to shoot down the North Korean satellite launch in mid-April. “There will be chaos if interception occurs and succeeds,” the March 31 editorial states.

The editorial repeats China’s call on North Korea to see the “downsides to such a launch,” and postpone it. But, it says, “If North Korean leaders insist on proceeding with the launch, China would then expect the North’s neighboring countries to show some constraint. Pyongyang’s satellite launch should not be put on par with a long-range ballistic missile launch.”

The editorial says China will continue to do all it can to mediate the crisis, while assuring that its own military capacities to implement “swift responses to any emergency and strategic deterrence against forces in direction of irrational evolution.” It concludes that “Japan should not be disillusioned into believing it can benefit from chaos in Northeast Asia.”

This was originally from Larouchepac


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