Even Hollywood Bad Guys Know the Truth: ONLY Gold is Real Money

by SGT

Given the recent pummeling in the precious metals, I figure a lighter more upbeat post is in order, this should suffice. After a week of traveling for my day job, I was in need of a mental break – As in, no thinking required, at all! Fortunately, Delta was showing Ben Stiller’s latest flick ‘Tower Heist’ on my flight home. If you care to see the movie, don’t read this piece because I’m going to reveal how it ends.

The comedy, and and I use the term loosely, revolves around a working-class group of guys whose lives all center around either working at or living in a posh New York high-rise residence, think Trump tower. In the five star Penthouse apartment atop the building lives Arthur Shaw, a Bernie Madoff clone played by Alan Alda.
The Problem:

The working class guys all rolled their life savings over to Shaw to invest when he agreed to manage their small account as a favor to building manager and good guy Josh Kovacs, played by Stiller. Problem is, none of them knew it – Stiller acted alone thinking he had done them a favor.

When Arthur Shaw is arrested by the FBI it soon becomes apparent that he was operating a Ponzi scheme, and the working class folks realize they have all been wiped out. Sound familiar?

I wonder if Bernie Madoff owned a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso — because in the movie Alan’s character Arthur Shaw does. In fact, his pride and joy is Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, which he had meticulously disassembled, transported skyward and re-built piece by piece in his living room. Read More…


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