Help Us Appear In TruthSeeker


TruthSeeker is an iOS, Android, BADA application built on delivering you the latest in news from alternative media websites.

The application originally built by BAPPZ is set to be the next big hit in your one stop source for alternative media.

Currently featuring “Alex Jones, BlackOps Radio, AntiWar Radio, The Corbett Report and The Unexplained with Howard Hughes plus others and online news including feeds from Max Keiser, Guernica, Wikileaks, InfoWars, Craig Murray, Prison Planet, David Icke and” – WRC559 also available at wants to be the next to appear in this application and we need your help to spread the word and help us get our permanent appearance in this application.

“Truthseeker has no political agenda.” “Truthseeker is for discerning news junkies that don’t buy the line fed by today’s corporate controlled media. This app is free and a source of many alternative news sources, Podcasts, radio and web links.”


You can download the application by visiting your Application Store or visit these links for


Get it for Android, bada and iPhone.



So, How can you help?

Simply Tweet @TruthSeekerApp Help Feature @Wearechangebris #WRC559




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