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Gold Buyers Australia has been a proud supporter of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) since May 2000 which has been led by eminent gynaecological oncology specialist, Chairman/Co-Founder Associate Professor Thomas Jobling and CEO/Co-Founder Liz Heliotis.

A gynaecological cancer, cancer of the ovaries is one of the most common cancers affecting women and is often detected in the advanced stage of the disease, resulting in a high mortality rate. Source

Now whilst both protecting women against cancer and owning gold may both be important to our everyday life and our future. Is it really something that should be combined. We know that many companies have used propaganda to make users both sell and buy items that consumers both don’t need to either sell or buy.

As you can see in the short clip from the AlexJonesChannel on YouTube Edward Bernays Propaganda, On how to control the masses. Now I’m not saying that Gold Buyers Australia is trying to control the population into selling gold, however i do believe that partnering up with cancer funds is both using emotion and pulse to maximize the amount of goods that they can take from the customers when they trade their Gold.

As seen above. It can be done – has been done – is still being done.

“By leaving your gem stones at Gold Buyers Australia when you sell your gold you’re helping to prosper ovarian cancer research. Gold Buyers Australia donate the full proceeds from the sale of the gem stones directly to the OCRF.” Source

Now in the time of need that millions around Australia should be actually looking at purchasing gold and or silver hundreds of these little kiosks will pop up around all shopping malls trying to do nothing but take you from your gold and give you nothing but a few cents on the dollar. We cannot stress anything more then NOT to sell you gold. Whilst many believe that the GOLD BUBBLE has popped, we believe its only beginning. Something you should think about is – Why would all these Gold Buyers Australia kiosks keep opening up trying to rape you of your metals if the bubble has popped. Don’t you think that they would be trying to sell the gold back to you?

Not only has Gold Buyers Australia been a huge hit to buying your gold. In the last 6 Months Cash Converters has also been another huge hit popping up around Australia with signs such as the one we posted above attempting to buy from the suckers at $25 per gram of *PURE* 999 Gold, whilst the current price as on this day of writing the per gram price of gold is sitting at $51.27. At half price you are selling your gold back to the system. What a brighter way to take the gold from the people then to advertise as such amazing prices for buy backs right? 😉

So what can you do?

Well i know what i am doing, that is walking directly past these companies and exposing them for the fraud they are.

With Gold Buyers Australia – You are not supporting Cancer. Your only supporting cancer when you donate your gem stones to them and 100% of the gold you sell to them, stays with them. What I would be doing is completely ignoring this company – Call them out for the fraud they are.

As for Cash Converters – Dont sell your gold from $25.00 a gram. You life many depend on it one day. As a matter of fact – You should be heavily looking into buying more gold. If these companies are so eager to get your gold, What does that tell you about the way gold is going to go?

Disclaimer: We are not your financial advisers and what you choose to do at the end of the day is up to you. Just take into account the information that’s freely available on this website and let that be a guide to help you with your end decision.


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