Rather Large Red Ring – Western Australia
So, Its not everyday we see an event like this. However it is becoming extremely frequent these days. So what is it?
That is whats going to puzzle me and many of the viewers here. But Ill be honest – We will get to the bottom of this.
So below is the original photo  – You can see the time stamp on it. Its from the website not tampered with.
Lets take a closer look.
Now what the F*** is that – and its in my country. There had better be some explaining done about this!
No but seriously isn’t that a bit freaky. So before we start blaming the government and HAARP. Lets take a few deep breaths step back and take another look. Don’t hold your breath to long however – We know how the story ends.
So sit back, Relax and come back very soon for an update on this – and where this could be heading for weather complications.
I’m not saying this is the effect. However I’m sharing this information. See you again soon, and be safe!

6 Responses to “Rather Large Red Ring – Western Australia”

  1. You an Aussie then?

  2. Dude………..its rain…I mean the title of your story could of been large GREEN ring….if the rain berometre read green…but its RED…its just rain…look and see for yourself…hope this helps

    • Thanks for stopping by,
      But personally I don’t buy that at all. Let’s use a bit of logic here. If you can show me a “green” “blue” “pink” spiral like this on the BOM site, then I’ll believe it.
      Let’s not keep dipping our heads in the sand and start saying crazy things such as earthquakes dont exist. It’s just a big boulder tumbling down a hill so the worlds shaking… If you want to believe it was just rain is a spiral with a gap in the middle then that’s your thoughts, however other viewers come here for answers for alternative views 🙂


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