The Philosophy of Max Keiser, pt 1: Boycotting Coca-Cola

from Silver Vigilante:

The famed Max Keiser, spawn of Karmabanque, Hollywood Stock Exchange, The Silver Liberation Army, Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver, and more has demonstrated a clear development in his thinking over the nearly 10 years of his journalism. Silver Vigilante presents a series called “The Philosophy of Max Keiser,” which begins to summarize the episteme of Max Keiser, and how he believes change can be elicited in the casino gulag. This is part 1.

One of the underlying premises of Max Keiser’s boycott activism is that “even those with no money can change the world.” Max understands that movements like the Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street have formed because “corporations run the show” and enslave individuals and pollute the planet, and so on.

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