Want to know about HAARP , VLF, UHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go!

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photo of HAARP in Alaska:

For anyone still “on the fence” about weather modification / manipulation :

all links below should satisfy MOST questions:  save the pdf’s before they’re gone for good from the net!


I believe a series of ground based stations , using a HAARP type technology (i.e. a ground based station that emits a HF frequency to induce an effect in the atmosphere or higher) .. is being used to produce a pulse of VHF or EHF..

This high frequency electromagnetic pulse is done to “heat” the atmosphere above each station …. possibly to create an “artificial ionospheric mirror = AIM” .. IN THE ATMOSPHERE,  maybe to have some other yet unknown effect OTHER than weather modification, or these pulses could quite possibly be done for the sole purpose of engineering the weather.

The “goal” of these frequency flashes has not yet been determined.

The only thing observed so far :

1. Flashes into the high RF appear on RADAR — sometimes in the same geometric modulation patterns spoken about in HAARP research papers… they appear coordinated with other stations, and not all stations in the same area produce the flash.

2. SEVERAL times, too often to be a coincidence….we see severe weather (tornadoes , damaging winds, and hail) hit these frequency flash epicenters.  This usually occurs within 48 hours of the high frequency being emitted from the ground based station (usually a ground based NEXRAD RADAR or similar).

I believe this heating, done from the ground based stations, is INDUCING or ACCENTING current coming systems, and the energy pulses may even DRAW the coming yet-unformed storm systems to each station emitting a strong flash pulse “Circle Sweep / HAARP ring”.

These “geometric modulations” [circle sweeps/haarp rings/sawtooth sweeps/scalar squares] are done to increase the amplitude of the waveform being emitted.

Whatever that waveform is.. its showing as a quick flash into the high RF.. and as the flash intensity increases .. so does its geometric modulation appearance on the screen — ultimately the higher and more frequent the flashes = the stronger and longer lasting the storm that comes to the flash.

The pie-shape of several “Circle sweeps/HAARP rings” is explained using the Fourier heat dissipation analysis.  The square , rectangle, sawtooth, and circle sweeps are explained in the stanford VLF geometric modulation papers.

Both linked here:

geometric modulation (circle sweeps, sawtooth sweeps using a HAARP type technology):

download the stanford PDF here:


Fourier Heat dissipation analysis explaining the pie shape of a common heated “circle sweep/HAARP ring):

Creating a ‘Tiltable AIM’ in the atmosphere using a ground based station (mini-HAARP relays) :


Here is a great example of a past forecast using the ‘HAARP ring / Circle Sweep / Scalar Square” method:

Sunday, April 22 , 2012 — is the 1 year anniversary of the St. Louis Lambert international airport being hit directly with a tornado…

here is footage of that direct hit from INSIDE the airport from April 22, 2011 …

On April 19 2011 .. 2 1/2 days BEFORE Lambert St. Louis was hit.. I issued this alert for LAMBERT AIRPORT DIRECTLY..


US Navy involved:


the USGS seeding the clouds to make it snow:


 A few of the weather modification COMPANIES in operation today inside the USA:



This below is a cloud seeding generator:

Here is a very long list of links, pdf files from institutions like stanford, leicester university, cornell, University of Mass., etc.. and from several military and .gov sites

some links work, others are “down” but still included to prove they DID exist.  These things have a way of disappearing off the net, so download them and MIRROR them on other file sharing sites if you can.


University of Leicester — Ionospheric Heating

precipitation “enhancement”

Defense Secretary from the 1990′s William Cohen speaking on the subject of HAARP –


US Navy electronic warfare :


Lower ionosphere heating / geometric modulation / circle sweeps, sawtooth sweeps, square wave, rectangle wave:

Stanford VLF AWESOME network:

Websites of each known facility:

Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility

The EISCAT Associates

Their Facility –

EISCAT Headquarters are located at Kiruna in Sweden

The EISCAT Scientific Association,


PO Box 812,

S-981 28 KIRUNA


cloud seeding generator pictured on the NAIWMC website:

VLF and VHF station location websites:

Jicamarca, Peru

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Millstone Hill, USA


Pic of Haystack facility and more info:

Sondrestromfjord, Greenland

Kharkov, Ukraine

(search for scatter)

Irkutsk, Russia

The Institute possesses a complex of unique astrophysical equipment deployed in the Sayan Mountains, especially the Siberian solar radiotelescope, a large solar vacuum telescope, an incoherent scatter radar, as well as a network of astrophysical laboratories throughout the territory of Siberia.

pictured below – example of a flash into the high RF from a ground based station — producing a “circle sweep” using VHF .. similar to the HAARP documents from Stanford speaking on ‘geometric modulation’ of a HF wave via a “circle sweep”.

Upper Ionosphere changes HF (high frequency) into ULF (ultra low frequency)

In essence.. this shows that one can send a HF (high frequency) signal into the upper ionosphere with HAARP, and it “transforms” into a ULF ultra low frequency… and vice versa.. a LOW frequency modulates into the HIGH frequency!

here is the link to the “Efficiency scaling” HF transformation into ULF/VLF/ELF via the ionosphere.

here is the link to the “HAARP description pdf” I am showing……

Another link on MU, Japan


picture below of “chemtrails” i.e. aerosols sprayed from airplanes to induce or aid in frequency manipulation of the cloud environment:

USA (Besides HAARP)


HIPAS — High Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory

Located near Fairbanks Alaska

ULCAR stations :

Papers, .pdfs, and documents regarding various aspects of frequency and weather modification:


Books and older publications covering weather modification:


These shots below come from a Navy .mil website .. clearly showing the “HAARP ring / Circle sweep” pattern and circumference .. done using electromagnetic modulation from a ground based station.. VLF and UHF.

“By modulating the ambient current flowing in the ionosphere, e.g., the auroral electrojet, it is possible to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) and very low frequency (VLF) radiation. This ionospheric modification technique can provide such waves for probing both the Earth and the ionosphere- magnetosphere. The modification occurs in the lower D-region and can provide information about the ambient conditions in one of the least diagnosed regions of the ionosphere.

The electrojet is modulated by using a high frequency heater (a few MHZ) with the power modulated at the desired ELF/VLF frequency to heat the ionospheric electrons in the lower D-region. Figure 1a shows a sketch of the heater and heated region. The heated region is typically at 75 km (though this depends upon the carrier frequency) and can be 30 km in diameter and a few km thick. Viewed from above (see Figure 1b) the heated region is a roughly circular patch. The smoothness of the heated region depends upon the antenna radiation pattern as well as D-region conditions. The heating increases the electron-neutral collision rate which changes the conductivities. Since on ELF time scales the ambient electric field is constant, modulating the conductivity produces a current modulated at the same frequency. At these altitudes the conductivity change is predominantly in the Hall conductivity. If the ambient electric field, E, is in ±y direction, a time varying current perturbation is generated, j, in the ±x direction (Fig. 1b). The time varying current launches waves both up and down the Earth’s magnetic field. In the simulations shown here, we start with a time-varying current and study the downward propagating waves and how they couple into the Earth-ionospheric wave guide.


The animations show 5 different representations of the same simulation. The simulation uses a time-varying current perturbation (1 kHz) in the D-region at 75 km. The current is in the magnetic east-west direction. The Earth’s magnetic field is vertical. The simulation box is 1800 by 1800 by 120 km. Isosurfaces are shown for the absolute value of the horizontal magnetic field ABSB and of the vertical electric field ABSEZ. Also shown is the east-west magnetic field in the near-field BX1 and in the far-field BX2. Since the field amplitude falls off with distance, BX1 uses a order-of-magnitude larger isosurface value than BX2 to emphasize the field close to the site. The north- south magnetic field is shown in BY1 and BY2. These plots look slightly different from the absolute value plots where both the positive and negative surfaces were shown. Also BX and BY do have a different orientation of the their radiation patterns. The direction of the radiation is determined by the total horizontal field shown in ABSB and by the vertical electric field shown in ABSEZ. The radiation pattern in the earth-ionosphere waveguide is a combination of a linear dipole antenna and a right-hand circular antenna. At ELF frequencies because of low D-region absorption the dipole is dominant. The dipole radiates in the magnetic east-west direction.

Because 1 kHz is below cutoff the mode in the waveguide is a TEM mode. The mode consists of a horizontal B field perpendicular to the direction of propagation and a vertical electric field. With perfect conductors, the mode is uniform in the vertical direction. As the wave propagates in the waveguide, the top of the wave is approximately at the bottom of the ionosphere. Above the heated region, waves are also launched along the Earth’s magnetic field. In the near-field ( BX1 and BY1) one can see the pulse being radiated downward. It strikes the ground and reflects back up to the ionosphere. Part of the energy propagates up the field lines into the ionosphere. This is the bubble seen rising up. The D-region is highly collisional and damps this wave. Looking at BX2 and BY2 one can see that the energy mainly stays in the waveguide. If one looks closely at the top of the wave in the waveguide the wave appears to be curved. The waveguide mode is coupling into the bottom of the D-region and driving a whistler mode up the field lines. The whistlers have a much lower velocity than the waveguide mode and can only propagate along the field lines. This acts to curve the top of the waves. These waves help form the bubble that propagates up the field line. Because of this, the diameter of the bubble is much larger than the heated region.

Above the heated region in ABSEZ one can see a pair of coils revolving around each other. These are the currents that flow up and down the Earth’s magnetic field forming the current loops associated with the waves propagating up the field lines. Finally, EZ1 is a blow-up of the high-altitude portion of the vertical electric field for positive values of the electric field; the current loop is more clearly seen.”


More .pdfs and information on weather modification via frequency and aerosols:


animated GIF of a typical high frequency flash (circle sweep / HAARP ring) .. a few days after this appeared — 7-10 inches of rain ended the drought in this area:


Ionospheric modification and ELF/VLF

wave generation by HAARP


recently we’ve been calling them “HAARP clouds”.. long ribbed cloud formations like ripples of water….. up until this point it was speculation.. BUT….. here we see these HAARP clouds listed in a HAARP MIT researchers public files from MIT…… check it out.. you decide… and make SURE to walk the parent directory !!!

photo below was taken by a MIT HAARP researcher while in Alaska .. several more of his own personal shots at the above link:

check out the OTHER files in this MIT backdoor.

check the ‘public’ file..

listen to the HAARP whislter that is listed in this MIT researchers cache :


Again, the above link is a back end MIT page.. download whatever you can before its gone!!! you should for sure check the UROP file as well…


MIT/HAARP the ‘BLACK MAGIC’ chart on frequency wavelength propagation

Blackmagick frequency HAARP researchers chart


HAARP JOINT SERVICES PROGRAM PLANS AND ACTIVITIES: Air Force Geophysics Laboratory and Office of Naval Research, February 1990 (PDF)

Link obtained from:


Popular Mechanics Magazine:

The World’s 18 Strangest Military Bases

HAARP Research Station – not much info, but says:

“In past interviews, HAARP’s operators readily admit they’re researching potential defense applications.”


Modification of the Ionosphere by VLF Wave-Induced Electron Precipitation


Title : A Diagnostic System for Studying Energy Partitioning and Assessing the Response of the Ionosphere During HAARP Modification Experiments.

“The HAARP facility is classically referred to as an HF ionospheric modification facility. HF ionospheric modification entails the use of high power, high-frequency (~2-15MHZ) radio waves to modify the earth’s ionosphere.”


Title : High-Energy Electron Beam-Induced Ionospheric Modification Experiments

VLF and UHF station in Norway:

A volcanic Island in the pacific west of Mexico and the northern direction is directly in line with the lower san andreas fault. Here is the google earth location.

28 53 23.06 N , 118 16 50.20 W

EAR (Equatorial Atmospheric Radar) SUMATRA made by JAPAN (circular again)

-0.203705, 100.319872

Taiwan, CHINA (dish on H-shape building, antenna grid not far)

24.967858, 121.1870

Burt Plain, AUSTRALIA (strange)

-23.521497, 133.67752


-28.33, 122

Hart, Australia

-22.968290, 134.448124

Poker Flat, Alaska, USA (AMISR Advanced Modulator Incoherent Scatter Radar)

65.129852, -147.470623

AMISR, Resolute Bay, CANADA

74.728138, -94.924242 (dish)

Antennas everywhere following the roads(phased array) the whole place is a grid!

74.733132, -94.932071

Futur “MU” from JAPAN (Incoherent Scatter) site in ANTARTICA

-68.984348, 39.647884

Facilities via links:

Diagram showing ground based station using frequency to heat an area above or around it:

screenshot of a flash into the high RF during hurricane Irene 2011… the CENTER of the ring received tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds approx 2 days AFTER the hurricane was gone.. 3 days after the flash…

Screenshot from Louisiana unknown date:

Screenshot of Kentucky Ohio 2 days before it was hit by Damaging winds, Hail, and a Tornado:

Screenshot of a possible “scalar square” producer:

Two days before Texas was hit with EXTREME hail and tornadoes.. Four FEET of hail .. April 2012:

Station locations and coordinates of different VLF and UHF facilities: some duplicates from above.. (sent to me by viewers)

1- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programn (HAARP) Gakona Alaska

+62 23 30.00 , -145 8 48.00

2- High Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory (HIPAS) Fairbanks Alaska

64 52 19 N , 146 50 33 W

3- Poker Flat Research Range Near Chatanika, Alaska

+65 7 23.90 , -147 28 7.05

4- Platteville Atmospheric Observatory Platteville, Colorado

+40 10 54 , -104 43 30

5- Millstone Hill Radio Observatory Westford, Massachusetts

+42 37 09.25 , -71 29 28.49

6- The Arecibo Observatory radio telescope Arecibo Puerto Rico.

18 20 38.97 N , 66 45 9.77 W

7- Jicamarca Radio Observatory Lima, Peru

11 57 08.25 S , 76 52 30.67 W

8- São Luiz Space Observatory Cruzeiro Santa Bárbara, Sao Luis-MA, Brasil

-2 35 40.47 , -44 12 35.90

9- Nerc MST Radar Facility Capel Dewi, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom

+52 25 28.26 , -4 00 19.59

10- European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association EISCAT Ramfjordmoen, Near Tromsø, Norway

+69 35 10.94 , +19 13 20.89

11- Sura Facility Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

+56 7 9.70 , +46 2 3.66

12- The Russian Woodpecker Duga Radar Array, Chenobyl, Ukraine

51 18 20.17 N, 30 04 02.60 E

13- National MST Radar Facility NMRF Gadanki, India

+13  27  26.68 , +79 10 30.74

14- China Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation (CRIRP) Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Region

40 24 15.91 N , 93 38 09.74 E

15- Sheshan, Shanghai, China

31 5 41.98N , 121 11 29.72 E

16- Mu Radar in Japan

34 51 14.80 N , 136 6 19.45 E

17- Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) Laverton, West Australia

-28 19 36.29 , +122 0 18.84

18- Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) Longreach, Queensland, Australia

-23 39 29.53 , +144 8 49.58

19- Australia Naval Communications Station Harold E Holt (NCS HEH) Exmouth, Western Australia.

21 48 59.47 s, 114 09 55.60

20- Zhong Shan Antarctic Polar Station (China)

69 22 43.69 S , 76 23 15.07 E

BRAZIL (blurred)

-2 35 40.47 , -44 12 35.90


52.424517, -4.005442

Östra Sallerup, SWEDEN

55.814601 , 13.728526

Tähteläntie, FINLAND

67.363842 , 26.630384

Saskatoon, CANADA (strange grid)

52.16 N , 106.53 W


49 38 14.20  N ,  36 56 11.08

URAN 1 —

49 40 29.53 N,  36 17 31.29

URAN 2 —

49 37 51.17 N,  34 49 29.80

URAN 3 —

49 38 14.20 N ,  23 49 37.02

URAN 4 —

49 38 14.20 N ,  30 16 21.96


69 1755.10 N ,  16 02 32.32


50 37 00.59 N ,  07 07 45.30 W

NMRF Wales, UK

52 25 28.26 N , 04 00 19.62 W


28 19 36.29  S ,  122 00 18.85 W

JORN 2 —

23 39 29.53 S ,  144 08 49.58 W

JORN 3 —

22 58 03.22 S ,  134 26 52.57 W


16 43 41.21 N , 169 31 55.53 W

Militärbasis Ascension Island:

7 56 16.43 S , 14 22 33.81 W

Chung-Li VHF Radar

24 58 03.86 N , 121 11 11.71

Baikal-1, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan

50 10 12.69 N, 78 22 36.84 W


unnamed and duplicates:

50 10 12.69 N , 78 22 36.84 W

55 55 26.15 N , 36 49 10 .97 W

51 18 20.17 N , 30 04 02.60 E

40 24 15 .91 N , 93 38 09.74 E

69 22 23.63 S , 76 22 19.11 E

69.29851, 16.042269

34.853842, 136.105710

28 53 23.06 N , 118 16 50.20 W

40.723031, 141.328769

-0.203705 , 100.319872

24.967858 , 121.1870

-23.521497 , 133.67752

-22.968290 , 134.448124

65.129852 , -147.470623

74.728138 , -94.924242

74.733132 , -94.932071

-68.984348 , 39.647884

64  52 19 N , 146 50 33 W

65  7 23.90 , 147  28 7.05

40 10 54 , 104 43 30

42 37 09.25 , 71 29 28.49

69 35 10,94 , 19 13 20.89

56 7 9.70 , 46 2 3.66

51 18 20.17 N , 30 04 02.60 E

13 27 26.68 , 79 10 30.74

40 24 15.91 N , 93 38 09.74 E

69 22 43.69 S , 76 23 15.07 E

62.390000, -145.150000

13.457411 , 79.175206

40.404062 , 93.633678

-11 57 ’6.67 , -76 52 25.71

51.305603 , 30.067389

55.814601, 13.728526

67.363842, 26.630384

69.582697 , 19.213958

52.16 ° N , 106.53 ° W

-21.908677 , 114.131806

56.114993 , 46.027851

DIDBase list here

It’s the loudest sound you’ll come across 0n the short wave now. 8.545 megahertz is one. 8.570 …this is before 12:00 noon. 12.815 and 12.850, 17.110, 18.370 MHz. Then in the afternoon and sometimes after 6:00 PM you will hear it on 17.110 and other frequencies as well. So we’re getting really blasted with this thing

Dr. Moshe Alamaro (worked with Dr. Eastlund in weather modification / engineering) As a graduate student and later as a Research Scientist at the MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) Moshe Alamaro helped to design, build and manage the MIT Air-Sea Interaction Lab where he supervised six students.

Alamaro, M.; “My Journey to Engineer the Weather”, MIT Alumni News and Views, What Matters: June 2009.

Armstrong, R., Glenn G.J., Alamaro, M. “Coordination, research needed in weather science”, Physics Today, Vol 60, Page 10, June 2007.

Alamaro, M., Emanuel, KA, McGillis, W.: “Experimental Investigation of Air-Sea Transfers at High Wind Speed,” forthcoming in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

With Emanuel, K.A.: “Sea-Air Transfer in Tropical Cyclones,” Proceedings of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Sapora, Japan, July 1, 2003.

Popular Press:

“Scientists a step closer to steering hurricanes-schematics “, The Sunday Telegraph, October 21, 2007.

“Scientists: Killer Hurricanes May Someday Be Controlled With Soot”, Fox News, October 31, 2007.,2933,306201,00.html

“Activate Cloud Shield! Zap a Twister!”, Weird Magazine, January 2000.

“Ultra-thin ‘blankets’ cut reservoir evaporation”, New Scientist, November 2003

This link below shows interesting cycle of test patterns repeating series of varying arrays


Tesla Technology –

Science & Engineering –


Chinas HAARP — The “meridian” :

Airplanes around airports CAUSE snow and rain NEARBY

video of the article “proof” that airplanes themselves cause weather formations… front page of Yahoo! news…

“Airplanes flying through super-cooled clouds around airports can cause condensation that results in more snow and rain nearby, according to a new study.


More weather modification links here:

Senate Bill S.601 – weather ‘mitigation’ bill  –  Sponsored by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Rockefeller

(did NOT pass in its current form) instead it was put to the Air force “Owning the weather 2025″ program :

Here is the “weather mitigation bill” co-sponsored in congress:

S. 601:
Weather Mitigation Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2009

quote from the bill linked directly above:

The following summary was written by the Congressional Research Service, a well-respected nonpartisan arm of the Library of Congress. GovTrack did not write and has no control over these summaries.

7/22/2009–Reported to Senate amended. Weather Mitigation Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2009 –
Section 5 –
Establishes in the Geosciences Directorate of the National Science Foundation (NSF) the Weather Mitigation Research Office to establish and coordinate the national research and development program on weather mitigation described in this Act. Requires the Program to be headed by a Director, who shall be appointed by the Director of the Geosciences Directorate. Instructs the Director of the NSF to coordinate the work of the Program with the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Authorizes the Director of the Program to: (1) fund studies, obtain information, and hold workshops necessary to carry out this Act; (2) cooperate with public or private agencies to promote the purposes of this Act; and (3) enter into cooperative agreements with the head of a U.S. department or agency, an appropriate official of a state or political subdivision of a state, or an appropriate official of a private or public agency or organization to conduct research and development (R&D) pertaining to weather mitigation. Creates a Working Group to advise the Program and to make recommendations to the Program concerning administration, research, and other matters.
Section 6 –
Requires the Director of the Program, in consultation with the Working Group, to submit an implementation plan to Congress for the establishment and coordination of the Program. Permits the inclusion in the Program of specified activities related to weather mitigation, including: (1) interdisciplinary R&D and coordination of R&D and activities to improve the understanding of processes relating to planned and inadvertent weather mitigation; (2) coordination with relevant organizations; (3) development, through partnerships among federal agencies, state agencies, and academic institutions, of new technologies and approaches for weather mitigation; and (4) establishment of scholarships and educational opportunities that encourage an interdisciplinary approach to weather mitigation. Requires the Program to promote and fund R&D, studies, and investigations with respect to: (1) improved forecast and decisionmaking technologies for weather mitigation operations; and (2) adaptation and scaling experiments in the efficacy of weather mitigation. Authorizes the Director of the NSF to establish a grant program for the awarding of grants to eligible entities (state agencies, institutions of higher education, and nonprofits that have expertise in the field of weather mitigation and experience working with state agencies) for R&D projects that pertain to weather mitigation.
Section 7 –
Requires the Director to submit biennial reports containing certain information to the President and specified congressional committees.
Section 8 –
Instructs the head of any U.S. department or agency and the head of any other public or private institution receiving research funds from the United States to cooperate with the Director of the Program.
Section 9 –
Directs the OSTP, in support of the implementation plan, to: (1) address relevant programs and activities of the federal agencies and departments that would contribute to the Program; (2) consider and use, as appropriate, reports and studies of federal agencies and departments, weather modification organizations, and other expert scientific bodies, including a specified National Research Council report; and (3) make recommendations for the coordination of Program activities with weather mitigation activities of other national and international organizations. Requires OSTP, in the support of the biennial reports required from the Director under section 7, to provide specified information.
Section 10 –
Authorizes appropriations. Allows for the acceptance, use, and disposal of gifts or donations of services or property under the Program.”

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