Video: Adya Clarity founder Matt Bakos caught making fraudulent health claims, insisting minerals will “will penetrate to your bone marrow”


(NaturalNews) Late last year, the natural products community was rocked by a product scandal of such magnitude that it has sent shockwaves across the industry. A product called “Adya Clarity” was manufactured by dissolving inorganic rocks and metals into sulfuric acid, then diluting with water. It was aggressively promoted as a type of cure-all magnetic substance that was claimed to eliminate kidney stones, treat rheumatoid arthritis, remove heavy metals from your brain and even improve dental health.

But as NaturalNews reported in a series of investigative stories, Adya Clarity was deceptively mislabeled to avoid accurately listing its aluminum content (, and the product was registered with Health Canada and then that registration was violated with off-label marketing that was entirely unsubstantiated by any evidence of safety or efficacy (

The most disturbing thing about the story, however, is how many people (and even marketing “gurus”) across the natural products industry promoted Adya Clarity and profited from it. Virtually no one thought to ask basic, commonsense questions about the safety or function of the product, and everyone simply repeated whatever pseudoscientific explanations they were told by Matt Bakos, the founder of Adya, Inc.

That’s why showing this video is so important: Natural health consumers need to be better educated about the difference between real scientific integrity versus slick-talking pseudoscientific quackery.

Also, this video is important because some people are still selling Adya Clarity, claiming it’s perfectly safe, and claiming the aluminum in the product won’t be absorbed by your body. Yet, in this video, you will see Matt Bakos himself saying that these minerals are “pre-digested” and “will penetrate to your bone marrow.” Those are his own words, not mine.

Watch this video compilation of Matt Bakos, in which you will witness some of the most stunning and outrageous statements that you’ve likely every seen in the fraudulent marketing of a so-called “natural health” product.

Here’s the video link on YouTube:

And on NaturalNews.TV:

Statements made by Matt Bakos

Statements made by Matt Bakos in the marketing of Adya Clarity include these (bold added):

“Pretty much everybody’s arthritic right when they’re coming out of the womb these days.”

“I had a woman who started taking our product. She started taking the super shots. She started tasting lead in her mouth after the first day of drinking the [Adya Clarity] water. And that was her own lead that she was precipitating. Within a week, her fingertips started turning lightly black. She could actually see the lead coming out of her fingertips.”

Comment: Isn’t this a symptom of iron poisoning? Adya Clarity is very high in inorganic iron, dissolved from rocks, not grown in plants.

“[Heavy metals] are another major key factor, it stores in your pineal gland, which is like, activation points, so if you’re freezing up all your main activation points in your body, you’re just not gonna operate properly.”

“To achieve a proper health, you’ve gotta get out those multivalent ions that are trapped in your body that cannot move.”

“The [indecipherable] eruptions contain the magnesium and iron, and the ferric iron specifically. The same ferric iron, with sulfur, that’s found in your blood in the center of your mitochondria. Along with sulfur being the other third element that’s burned to strike the cell up. So when you have this iron and these elements in a sulfate form, you’re actually giving it the complete matrix.”

Comments: To start with, human blood does not even contain mitochondria ( Secondly, sulfur is not “burned to strike the cell up.” Third, the idea that sulfated metals are “actually giving it the complete matrix” makes no sense whatsoever. To what matrix is he referring?

“This product goes right into the system, there’s no metabolization needed, you can sit in a hot tub of this [Adya Clarity] water, and the minerals will penetrate to your bone marrow.”

Comments: Keep this in mind when you consider the aluminum content of Adya Clarity, and how Bakos now claims that the aluminum is not absorbed into your tissues at all. How can SOME minerals “penetrate to your bone marrow” but others don’t when they’re all mined from the same ore? Do the minerals decide for themselves?

“So that means, no matter what, these minerals are gonna go into your body and do the work they need to do.”

“Minerals have two main functions in the body: Deliver nutrients, take away toxins.”

Comments: Actually, that’s the function of WATER in the body, not minerals. Minerals are primarily used as catalysts for enzymatic reactions.

“I went to the Raw Spirit Festival a couple years ago, every raw foodist we tested under the live blood microscope had candida markers in their blood. They’re over fertilized! They’re not getting the minerals to deliver the nutrition and take away the carbon waste.”

“If your minerals can’t purify your water, how are they going to purify your body?”

“Well, no wonder why everybody’s divorcing and can’t stand each other, it’s because they’re demineralized, they can’t energetically communicate with one another.”

“Obviously tap water can have some bad taste, where sensitive people can taste that, so if you let it sit out and resonate longer, say overnight, a lot of those memories will be gone and you won’t taste them the next day.”

“Water is the number one cause of death on this planet.”

“You can use it for burns, first and second degree burns. We can’t even figure out why it heals burns so well.”

“These minerals, because they’re pre-digested, your body has to do nothing to get ’em into your cells.”

“Adya Clarity is nothing more than the sulfate silicate minerals that would come right out of the springs.”

An Adya marketer asks: “Is it possible somebody could do too much of this too soon and create actually a negative result?”

Bakos: “If you consider detoxification negative, yes. There can be a symptom where people get detoxification and they’re not used to it, and they’re not doing it properly.”

Adya marketer: “Can people use this as a parasite cleanse, or a colon cleanse even?”

Bakos: “One thing that Adya helps with is destroying the bacterias [sic] that the parasites feed on, the internal ones. And I once had this woman who’s severely obese, who started taking our product, and in the first three days, she passed out three two-to-three foot long sucker fish snakes out of her bowels. So if you really want to clean your colon, I suggest you double up, triple up, quadruple up what this lady was doing, and actually… five times that!”

“In fact, if you notice your lips begin to get dry in the beginning, that means your colon is hydrating.”

“Believe it or not, our product is harmonized by the FDA to come into the United States. So the FDA actually knows our product’s being consumed.”

Comment: This is an utterly fraudulent marketing lie. Canada Health registration numbers confer absolutely no state of approval, recognition or legality in the United States.

Watch the full video on YouTube:


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