Agenda 21 – It’s Your World, We Just Want To Own You. Part 1

by Redmond Weissenberger, Dollar Vigilante:
The first plank of the Communist Manifesto, written in 1844, calls for the Abolition of Private Property in Land.

  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents 

Throughout the 20th century, when socialism was ascendant across the entire world, the abolition of private property and the socialization of the means of production in the hands of the state was key to the transformation of society into the murderous dystopias that made up the eastern bloc.

They were the first nation to take the concept of “animal rights” seriously (in 1933 Goering – ah, the big cuddly softie – said that anyone found guilty of animal cruelty or experimentation would be sent to the concentration camps), the first to pass national environmental laws – the Reich Nature Protection Law of 1935, the first to champion organic food (an especial obsession of Heinrich Himmler), the first to promote vegetarianism (another of Hitler’s fads), and, above all, the first to address with proper planning and mechanised efficiency the issue that tends to concern ecominded catastrophists more than any other: what to do about the world’s population “problem.”

According to the National Socialists, the German Volk required Lebensraum, in order to create the perfect eco-friendly, sustainable world.

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