For Silver, The New World Order is the Old World Order

from Silver Vigilante:

Scenes are now to take place as will open the eyes of credulity and of insanity itself, to the dangers of a paper medium abandoned to the discretion of avarice and of swindlers.” –Thomas Jefferson 1814

The history of civilization is comprised in significant regard of the rise and fall of empires, a story of the victors and the vanquished. There are innumerable observations to heed when examining the similarities, differences, causes and effects in the timeline of these many empires. For millennia, these empires have played a game of musical chairs that has decided who the victor was and who the vanquished in any given time and place. Oftentimes the winners and in this game of musical chairs has been predetermined. Over the centuries, victims have become vanquished and vice versa, and an abundant body of work bearing witness and analyzing this has been born.

All of these empires, however, were not the largest embodying structure giving rise to man’s society and culture. An overarching civilization, first and foremost, lent its caste serfdom to the way things are and have always been. This has decreased the options available to all countries – empire or not, victor or vanquished – when dealing with the conflicts and disasters of civilization’s gait.

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