Sources Inside Bilderberg Spill Cabal’s Secret Plans

Location and details of “Palm Tree Conference” confirmed

Paul Joseph Watson
Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alex Jones has developed two sources within the Bilderberg Group who have confirmed that the secretive cabal is meeting at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31st to June 3rd, with further revelations about Bilderberg’s 2012 agenda to follow.

Jones said he was “contacted by somebody inside Bilderberg” two years ago and that he also developed another source intimately connected to the organization within the last week.

The code name for the 2012 Bilderberg meeting is the “Palm Tree Conference,” the source revealed to Jones. Over the last two days, Bilderberg members have been responding to their invitations and confirming their attendance at the 2012 confab, which will definitely take place at the Westfields Marriott. When calling the hotel, invitees use the code words “Palm Tree Conference” to signal their attendance and book their room. The hotel is closed to all other guests during the Bilderberg Group meeting and has no rooms available on its website for the duration of the confab.

Sources from inside Bilderberg routinely leak the group’s agenda and discussion topics to veteran American Free Press Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker. With Jones having developed even more sources inside the group, expect Infowars to obtain an even greater depth of understanding about how the secretive cabal plans to steer the globe over the next 12 months.

Alex Jones reiterates his call for demonstrators to descend on Chantilly to peacefully protest the group’s meeting at the end of the month. As we previously documented, the ‘Occupy Bilderberg’ movement is gaining steam, with a Facebook Group, a website and a deluge of activists committed to exposing the group’s power and demanding adequate mainstream media coverage of Bilderberg 2012.

Jones emphasizes that the protests should be vocal but peaceful, pointing out that the police presence at the meeting will be low key because Bilderberg does not want to draw attention to itself.

We urge as many people as possible to travel to Virginia at the end of the month to do what the mainstream media habitually fails to accomplish – speaking truth to power and demanding answers as to why Bilderberg attendees think they can break their own country’s laws, such as the Logan Act in America and its equivalents elsewhere, by meeting secretly with foreign agents while serving in public office.

As we have exhaustively documented (see here), there are numerous examples to illustrate the fact that Bilderberg is not merely a “talking shop” as some in the corporate press frame it, but a venue where consensus is formed for the implementation of both national and geopolitical policies with no regard whatsoever for the democratic will of the people.

The latest example was a Washington Post admission that the Bilderberg Group grooms vice-presidential candidates before they are selected.

If enough people show up to protest Bilderberg, it will force the U.S. media to cover the story and in turn create what Bilderberg fears the most – public exposure.

Demonstration times and meeting points will be clearly listed on this website well in advance of the beginning of the protest. The primary demonstration, during which Alex Jones will bullhorn Bilderberg, will take place at 6pm on Saturday June 2nd.



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