Women On The Front Lines – It Was Only A Matter of Time

Adan Salazar
May 15, 2012

In addition to our brothers, fathers, sons, and uncles being enlisted to fight endless, unnecessary wars, women are now the target of yet another vicious media campaign attempting to recruit them as the next potential martyrs in fighting the banker’s foreign wars.

According to a report from Georgia’s WRBL, the Pentagon is offering 14,000 combat-related roles to women. Before, women were excluded from positions if they were too close or directly involved in combat.

Not so surprisingly, this news comes about a month after Katy Perry released her “Part of Me” video, an obvious piece of propaganda deployed to depict the army as a receptive haven for desperate women.

As disheartening as this may be to some, the video’s message was not to empower women.

As Alex predicted, it was all propaganda designed to get everybody ready for women on the front lines.

In the video below, Alex expresses how Katy Perry will likely be relaxing in her mansion sipping wine while women who were duped by her recruitment video fight lice infestations, get injected with poisonous vaccines, and are used as camp prostitutes. If “camp prostitutes” sounds like we’re going a bit too far, one need look no further than the case of Pvt. LaVena Johnson who was raped, burned, and murdered on her own military base.

This female recruitment announcement is the Pentagon’s latest effort to advance the military industrial complex’s agenda all while instituting a collapse of the basic family home structure. In 2003, we found the Pentagon engaged in another female Psy-Op in which the Military Times came out touting Pfc. Jessica Lynch’s Iraqi capture as “heroic,” alleging she put up quite a fight in which she completely unloaded her M-16 rifle. It was later revealed that she never fired a single round.

What’s worse is that Perry’s man-hating video depicts the army as an escape from our male-dominated society, when in actuality the army is almost fully dominated by men.

This type of propaganda is reminiscent of Edward Bernay’s 1929 tobacco industry campaign, a stunt designed to attract and addict females to cancer-causing cigarettes all while expanding the cigarette manufacturers’ market.

It is strongly encouraged that anyone interested in becoming part of the industrial war machine known as the army do research prior to enlisting. Despite their exhaustive advertisements showing women in the army to be all powerful, you can rest assured that this is just another government Psy-Op designed to bring down the core of the traditional family structure.

In the video below, Alex dissects Katy Perry’s military-funded music video propaganda.


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