The fall in the price of gold and silver is a gift from heaven!

by David Schectman,

In the last 48 hours, two of my close friends and my Miles Franklin Quarterly editor all contacted me and asked if it was time to sell their gold and silver. Even my wife asked me if “we are still o.k.?” Whoever said that markets are moved by emotion knew what they were talking about. Doubt and fear are everywhere. Our fearless leader, Jim Sinclair says it’s once again time to dig a hole in the ground and climb in and cover it over with a rock and don’t come out for a few weeks or even a couple of months. This is a drill that has been commonplace for the entirety of the bull market. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, for the umpteenth time – the bull market IS NOT OVER. Do NOT sell your precious metals. This is the TIME TO BUY, NOT SELL.

In today’s daily, I feature a report by James Dale Davidson and I take his warnings very seriously, and so should you! If his conclusions are valid, then the recent fall in the price of gold and silver are a gift from heaven! You are being given one last chance to buy gold and silver at a deep discount.

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    […] The fall in the price of gold and silver is a gift from heaven! ( […]

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