NOW is the Time to Buy Silver!

Published on May 29, 2012 by


It has been 13 months since May 1st Silver drive-by shooting of the silver market. 13 months of aggressive price suppression, well timed margin increases, naked short selling and price propaganda. 13 months of of people struggling with their decision to buy physical silver. 13 months of a battle between the Wall Street paper traders and the physical stackers. This is a struggle that can only end in this titanic fraud ending and the fractional reserve debt based monetary system and all of the unsustainable control systems in the ash heap of history.

NOW is the time to buy silver. When all of the froth is out of the market and this is where the smart money sees the truly under appreciated assets and keep accumulating. The utter complacency in the silver market today is astounding, where as once a new Eric Sprott interview on Zero Hedge would get hundreds of comments in a few hours, now a day will go buy with hardly anything.

Things have only gotten exponentially worse in the fiat debt based world that we live in. No longer do we worry about companies like Enron, or hedge funds like LTCM, or even institutions like Bear Stearns taking down the economy, now it is sovereign nations. This systemic failure cannot be absorbed by any larger entity and will result in the complete destruction of this world economy and a final, and very necessary, purge of all of the global debt. The only way to secure your future is by owning things of real tangible value, and nothing shines brighter than silver.


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