Big 5 Financials vs. Silver Price: A New Market Paradigm Amid Collapsing Markets

from Silver Vigilante:


The terminal episode is near for the financials. Of course, society will be manipulated into keeping them on life support with the oxygen of Federal Reserve Notes until further notice. Nonetheless, there is no sound reason for throwing one’s money into the abyss of the black hole banking industry, and the charts prove it.

When measured against the silver chart, the share price performance of the “Big 5” paints them to be exactly what they are: expiring giants.

The current average share price of the top five largest United States banks is currently $38.434, although this number is obfuscated by a Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. share price of $94.50 which is clearly anomalous next to the share prices of Bank of America Corporation ($7.16), JP Morgan Chase & Co. ($32.91), Citigroup Inc. ($26) and Wells Fargo & Company ($31.55). When one removes Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. from the previous equation, the average price of the top four banks equals $24.417.

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