1:1 Allocated Silver Exchange to Suck Metal Away From the LBMA – Ned Naylor-Leyland

from Silver Doctors:


Ned states that the new Asian silver exchange he is working alongside Andrew Maguire to launch (which has been kept tightly under wraps up to this point to prevent western banking interests from derailing the launch as happened with the PAGE) will trade 1:1 fully allocated silver contracts, and will suck physical metal out of the LBMA system.

The new Asian silver exchange could prove to be a paradigm changer, as Ned estimates that Chinese savers took up 1 billion ounces of silver & 100 million ounces of gold via gold & silver backed savings accounts in 2011.

Ned also discusses the Spanish bank bailout which he describes as the European financial community merely admitting we have contagion, as well as shocking information regarding the actual owner of the ‘GLD’ gold bar held up by Bob Pisani infamously, which Leyland states has been confirmed to be owned by ANOTHER ETF!


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