Ron Paul Threatened with death.

Editor Notes.

Did Ron And Ran Paul change their stance after the Bilderberg meeting.

During the Bilderberg meeting there was various threats against the Paul family. Including threats of death if they won.

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6 Responses to “Ron Paul Threatened with death.”

  1. Why are we suprised that Ron Paul & Family are threatened with death? It happened to JFK,when he thought it could not happen to him. The same with Hillary’s attorney-Vince Foster who wound up dead in DeVarsy Park.The list is endless of politicos who needed to be silenced. And thus it shall ever be as long as the Demoncrats +GOP are in charge.

    • Yes, Yes Yes, I understand. It’s really hard to understand how this is still happening in today’s world. It’s obvious we are far from perfect. But death for winning an election. C’mon! Who will be the voice?

  2. Perhaps we should try to find a way to put the major members out of business. Perhaps turning to bartering instead using money. We need to get out from under their tyranny somehow. Any ideas?

    • I Agree with you completely !!

    • You know, Im wide open to bartering and even using gold and silver to purchase goods, However, I would like to wait until my Gold / Silver reflect true values. Not manipulated values. Im sure others would agree.

      • Here’s a little heads-up for you: The market price of anything is a direct reflection of it’s “supply vs. demand”. Something in short supply – by high demand will have a high market price.

        This includes gold and silver.

        Diamonds (which are merely carbon) are actually in high supply…but that supply is controlled so that the supply to the consumer is relatively low – keeping the market price high.

        I think your statement goes in the direction of the concept of money itself.

        It is not a good idea to be using any form of “money” that can be price manipulated. This included precious metals.

        In the past, there was a country that decided not to base their currency on precious metals. Instead, they based the valuation of their currency on domestically produced products and services.

        That arrangement worked very well. In fact, it worked so well that “other nations” who wanted everyone to use their “debt based currency” with the “debt” payments going to private ***ish bankers – used their “influence” to attack and destroy that country.

        This is what you are up against.

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