LaRouche: We Are Now Living on the Brink of Hell

from laroucheyouth:

Today, Lyndon LaRouche delivered extremely sobering remarks to his associates in light of the complete breakdown of the trans-Atlantic community, stating that we are now living at the brink of hell.


One Response to “LaRouche: We Are Now Living on the Brink of Hell”

  1. I’m not sure history shows us a great deal of evidence for morally superior predecessors. As Chomsky points out, any time anyone makes sweeping statements, we should ask what the facts are. The United States had been on a frankly imperialist path since the formulation of the Monroe doctrine. Before that, the Native culture had been systematically devastated. The ideals of the industrial revolution, in which man regarded nature as an unlimited, exploitable “resource” had not lost any momentum. Where is the evidence of a prior morality?

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