Goodbye Greece, Hello Hellenic Socialist Republic

from John Galt FLA:

The disaster known as the Greek economy and corrupt political system is about to come to a thunderous conclusion where decades of hard Western loyalties and values purchased via post-colonial assistance from Great Britain and the willingness of U.S. President Truman to fund and support the pro-Western elements during the post World War II period. Fifty plus years later, here the world is on a brink of a collapse of modern day central bankster inspired crony capitalism and the ultimate re-establishment of a new model based on Lenin’s principles.

The news from Greece is getting more dire by the day. The mainstream media wants to promote the idea that everything in the world is intact, the central banking model is infallible, and the United States along with the European Union will ensure stability regardless of geopolitical circumstances and financial reality. However, the experience of a tiny nation compared to the mighty GDP’s of the U.K., Germany, and the U.S. is about to remind the world that political-economy is alive and well along with the incompetent greed of those souls who insist that people are numbers and the masses will submit for basic needs versus the perceived ancient ideas of nationalism and freedom.

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