Do you trust the Gillard Government to know all your internet passwords?

Do you want them to read every email you send, ever post you make on facebook, every private message you send, every tweet you make?

And do you want them to store all your private online data for two years?


This is what the Gillard government wants to do. And this is what they WILL do unless we take action NOW!

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence is set to approve one of the most draconian and invasive online surveillance regimes anywhere in the world: these are powers dictators could only dream of! If passed, they will have access to everything you have done online. Every website you have visited, every private tweet you have made, every email you have sent. And they will keep these records for two years!

The Gillard government says this is for “National Security”. But the wording of the proposal is clear: this doesn’t apply to just terror suspects – EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN will have ALL of their online activity recorded and potentially monitored. And if you don’t give them your passwords – you will be forced to go to gaol – even if you haven’t committed any crime! Criminals will always be able to easily subvert this. It’s law-abiding Aussies who will lose out.

Just last week, a Department of Communications cybersecurity contractor lost 800 highly sensitive subscriber details because they didn’t bother to send it by secure post. If we can’t trust them to keep something so basic secure, what do you think will happen when they have access to everything?

Make no mistake: if this passes, online privacy is dead.

But it’s not too late. We can stop this from taking place

The Committee is calling for public submissions before August 6th. If enough Australians contact them and say NO – we will stop this outrage!

Fill out our form below, change the draft text to what you think (we can’t have everyone saying the same thing!) and tell your local MP, your State Senators, Committee Members, and the committee itself NO!

  • NO to Big Brother watching your every move!
  • NO to the Government recording everything you’ve done online for two years
  • NO to being forced to reveal your password!

Let Canberra know that we won’t take this lying down.

Fill in your details, change around the words in our draft sample, hit send and make your voice heard!

Fill out the form in the link below and TAKE ACTION NOW!

Stop Big Brother Australia


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