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Survival Hand Book Guide – Recreated!

So for the last few months we have been hosting survival guides in which you can download or keep tabs on your iPhone, Androids, PC’s and access at anytime. However the downside was it didn’t support Apple Mac correctly, Now we can support all users!

Through out the website you will see this image:

Once the image has been clicked you will directed to our new Pogoplug cloud:

At this link you will be able to view Numerous links, Articles, Tips, PDF’s, Audio Files on preparations for many different reasons.

It has been live now for 2 days, And down the track we will be adding many many many more files and documents to the cloud.

In the event that the cloud may be attacked, we have a back up cloud hosted on our own server. Whilst upload speed from this server that we self host is incredibly slow for high end users we will only be implementing it at a final stage of information sharing. Until then, Enjoy.

To Come: The ability to upload to our server, Your own documents, PDF’s, Audio Clips etc.


Ability To Upload Files:


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Donations and Cloud Storage

We are doing this for you.

The cloud only has 4GB allowance. If you are able to donate to us, we would be highly grateful for your support, also we are then able to increase the allowance.

30GB STORAGE = $4.95 / month
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Whilst storage space is limited we reserve the right to delete any files or folders that may not be suitable for the cloud.

Join The Newly Created Forum
Join Pressforactivism Forum

So you got something to say, Got something on your chest you want the whole world to see but you just don’t know where to post it. Well that’s where the internet comes into play and with the latest special forces at play they are trying to silence us from spreading news, being angry about something that means something to us. We all have something to say, That politician thats passing laws in your state that you completely disagree. Or you latest Bear Grylls suvival technique you just came across. Share it at the community at Pressforactivism Forum

Its simple to use, Just register find your title and start posting (Be sure to read the introductions page first to block bots)

If the title subject line your after Isn’t there send us a PM on the forum and we will add it to there within no time 😉

Its still a new forum and we are expanding on it greatly – Pressforactivism Forum

SO i invite you to come be apart of the community and chat with locals around the world just like you – Pressforactivism Forum

All the best and hope to see you there Pressforactivism Forum,

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen – WRC559 Exclusive

[ED NOTE: Whilst many do not have subscriptions, fortunately we will be uploading this – Share this page]

Alex Jones’ latest documentary shatters the hoax of the terrorism, revealing instead that government is history’s greatest killer. Now a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill billions with the superweapons it has created under a police state control grid and through the central banking warfare model it brought to life. This documentary is another powerful tool in exposing the false threats used by the elite to control us– powerful because it casts an even greater light on their own dangerous megalomaniacal quest for total power.
This video doesn’t exist

WRC559 Self Hosted Cloud Server
Get it all from all your devices.
For the past few weeks we have been hosting an online server outside the main media of corporate censorship.
We are self hosting this service on our own network and the only thing that can bring it down is if we get the FBI knocking on our door, Or something even worse – Our internet gets shut off. Until then you can upload files, documents, audio, anything thats within reason. That you want to share with the world. Got a breaking article that Youtube has censored then upload it to our self hosted server with BDRIVE Client and you can share it with your friends. Got a file which you want to share with the world on a HTTPS link. Let us know and we will create that for you.
Access the server information at this link – Download the software and begin file sharing.
We are currently on of the first alternative media sites to host a public server. I know others such as Naturalnews have called for P2P client software *While we are currently using BDRIVE.* – Get on board and test it out. Who knows you might like it.
Any Questions let us know.
This is a self hosted network and any donations would be welcomed, Help us expand our network, Get faster upload/download speeds. If you can support us. Like what we are doing. Please let me know at
Still a little bit skeptic about the service, Learn about it below.

HAARP EXPLOSION at Indigenous Settlement Australia

[Chemtrails, HAARP ; Flanders388 our Aussie mate over at youtube and Facebook is breaking all the latest on the Australian Chemical warfare and HAARP activations, continuous times a month. Follow Flanders388 on youtube and follow this blog for all the latest.]

Uploaded by 

Ceduna South Australia HAARP Frequencies in Clouds, Doomadgee HAARP Explosion

Imagine 2012

Uploaded by 

The Heretic presents: From a concept by horse237… Which is to rewrite Imagine, by Lennon, into the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (GIABO) song. I failed miserably, but did have fun.…

Complete Survival Hand Book Guide

Below we will be hosting from our own server a few guides in which we at WRC559 believe to be of utmost importance during any event you may encounter in your life. Our server should be operational at most times, If you have a bad experience or slow loading times please let us know in the comment box below. On the other hand if you enjoy what you see please like this page and share it with your friends. Please remember we are self hosting this information from our own paid for connection, Upload speed may vary.

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Complete Survival & preparedness Guide Handbooks: Click here

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Please book mark this page, As we will be updating this page with loads of new and important information for you to download and stream direct from our servers.

SOPA & PIPA Was Just An Act.

As you are most aware already SOPA and PIPA were both halted from being brought into law in the uprising of a few huge giants on the internet including Wikileaks and Google its self, in an attempt to stop censorship on the internet. However what many don’t know is that many countries around the world are already censoring and shutting down / blocking access to certain websites. They are just pretty much throwing it in your face now, telling you that they have plans to censor the internet and curb internet Copyright…


Now ACTA / SOPA / PIPA are only names for what they plan to bring in, The darker deeper secret behind the internet is what some call Internet2. Built by the worlds biggest consortium of Universities the internet needs to be censored if not shutdown to protect national security. What they mean is we want to censor what information you have access to because we are F**kin* you over. Now a huge talk behind shutting down the internet lays behind civil unrest in a country as such what happened in Egypt. It’s widely unknown by many but every country has a “key” in which they can turn that will shut of the internet access, it’s called ISP’s, With tech giants such as OPTUS and Telstra in Australia it would not take much to curb the free access of information on the internet. In fact that is what is going to happen with many legislations coming into play in the coming future. To back it up NBN Co, is a huge backbone to the Internet2 consortium however. National Broadband Network sounds so much nicer in a way to get access to the internet to everyone’s house in Australia as they roll over to this complete control grid. Yes it sounds way to far-fetched as my viewers have told me many times. However information is widely available detailing their plans I am just putting it into an easier way to explain for you guys.


In the mean time, Share this link around – Get others politicily active and help others find out the truth behind the plans to shut down the internet. If you don’t not act against it say good-bye to your internet. Please remember… As goes for anything, they will introduce a legislation – Get the publics backlash – Forget about it for a while.. Then finally pass it in the attempt that you have forgotten about it. Well not here at Join The Fight.

Just Say No To ACTA:

Beyond SOPA: The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship:

No Daily Updates, Our Reality Must End.

As regular viewers stop returning due to no new updates to the site, I think it’s time to shed some light on the reasons.

First of all, the system is so corrupted world wide it’s getting hard to take a grip on what’s happening these days. Silver and Gold prices smashed, again and again and again. Drones set to fly over Australia without the approval of citizens. Carbon Tax bill set to dart next financial year. Never ending money printing. The list just goes on and and.

It’s gets to a point where you wish the reality we lived was all just a horrible dream. Long lived the life with out technology. The freedom to go places without being tracked. Okay now maybe that was a little to far we know some viewers hate the conspiracy side of things, clearly they just can’t accept this reality we have.

It’s clear that we live in a police state, no matter what we do we can’t escape this either. We are on the path to complete Marshall Law because if we don’t take that path, the criminal banksters know that they will be placed into jail. So they are doing everything possible to bankrupt the world and bring in complete control grids as soon as possible. It’s no surprise that everything that’s happening today just seems to be getting faster and faster.

To regular readers of experts out there, a lot of talk has been happening that these “experts” have not been giving the advise that we need in times of need and are currently advertising stocks and bonds, instead of tangible assets which we can hold. So just keep in mind and stay the course and don’t give up anything for the paper casino. Hold physical, it’s what I am doing.

But for now. I shall try and get back online and keep the site updated. I Notice there was a lot of news articles coming from sgtreport after I created an article trying to spread the word over in Taiwan. With viewers emailing there stories to Sean about the silver and old market in Taiwan. Would love to hear from my viewers also. If you have any stories you would like to shine a it of light onto let us know.

All the best

We Will Be back Shortly

It’s been an eventful weekend and we would like to inform you that we will be back online updating you with the latest and the greatest 530pm AEST.

Thanks for stopping by – we look forward to your return tonight.


Lindsey Williams: 2012 The Beginning of The End

See it at WRC559 Today.

This is the latest DVD series by Pastor Lindsey Williams just released only weeks ago.

– What in the world is going on?
– 2012 Predictions from the Elite
– The Dollar, Debt, Fear, Fuel in 2012
– Division among the Elite
– Why 2012 and not 2000
– The Devil’s Messiah according to the Elite
– Divine Manifestation

Although we have hosted the 3Part DVD here it is an edited version, we picked all the parts we could find and put them into a nice little compilation. That is why there were a few little glitches through out the 3 DVD’s

Support Lindsey by buying the DVD’s here

Viewers Note: Due to video size and upload restrictions, Videos quality had to be reduced.

Taking A Break

After an eventful weekend, we shall be back in business here at WRC559 brining you the latest news that matters. In the mean time, checkout our history of articles and perhaps even check out below Australia’s Fluoride Disgrace – great documentary – Highly recommend sharing with your friends the link and even downloading your self a copy.

To come: Lindsey Williams 3 Part DVD
2012 the beginning of the end.

Live Stream Occupy Brisbane #occupybris

We are steaming on and off live footage of #occupybris the aftermath.

Live Steam

Due to poor reception sometimes we loose quality of video. Apologies.

Bullion Dealer Forced Close To Cover High Volume Sales

Personal Silver and Gold blog.

With Silvers recent run down, a lot of dealers where either forced to close due to loss profits or a shortage of stock.

Well that is what has happened with our local dealer here in Brisbane recently. Today after checking in with the bullion dealer as i do every week, i decided to ask the question as to why the online store was closed in which you can view in our previous posts. The answer to that question was simple. The demand was to high and silver and gold stocks were depleting. The system has some issues it need to seriously sort out, For those who are well-educated seem to find it hard to sell their silver and gold when the prices fall like they had. In fact, instead of us actually selling silver and gold we are stacking even more. So as the system tries to destroy the silver and gold market and rid our confidence in the metals this is actually having an opposite reaction.

So here’s the deal. Everytime you see the price fall in gold and silver, be sure to not only purchase some for your self but get all your friends to purchase some to. The time is almost up for cheap gold and silver so its time we starting taking action against the system and sucking up as much metals as we possibly can in such a short time like we did this time. With the amount of silver purchased this price drop, the price of silver should have immediately bounced right up, So gets you thinking, with the prices still sitting at $30.00. The system really does control the metals market doesn’t it. 😉 – Personally i wish the price of silver crashed to $5.00 an oz.

Increase Cancer World Wide on Global Eugenics


Is it just a coincident that cancer is increasing along with the large amount of counter vaccines that we are subjected to each year. From vaccines we received growing up, to continuous shots throughout our lives and if we are unlucky government recommendation on vaccines such as the H1N1. unfortunately not only cancer is at risk to our lives however our futures are also effected via lowering IQ levels and lowering fertility levels through the war on our water supply that the government deems mandatory to have chemicals such as fluoride and in some states mercury in our water to keep us safe from such things as tooth decay, no matter how hard we fight for the truth that fluoride can cause the opposite effect and mercury is actually eating away at your brain.

Along with the global eugenics plan below Alex outlines how this corporate take over is actually killing us and not preventing cancer but causing cancer along with other known issues. Although the details are not in-depth in this article, it links to many known published sources exposing what we should already know. We will continue to market this research to the public and expand on this Anti-Vaccine cause as Big-Pharma gets ready for its next Vaccination plan through the movie called contagion. We hope you to can help stop big-pharma stealing your money with funny cures, while watching you and your kids suffer from these continuous health problems.


Part 1:

Part 2:


Globalists Plan to Stay in Afghanistan Forever

Kurt Nimmo
August 20, 2011

Ben Farmer, writing for The Telegraph on Friday, reported that the U.S. and Afghanistan have reached an agreement that would allow American special forces and air force to remain in the country until 2024. The agreement arrives as the United States claims it will pack up and leave by the end of 2014.


In December of 2009, during a speech delivered at West Point, Obama said troops would begin leaving Afghanistan. Prior to the speech, the Pentagon said it would send an additional 30,000 troops as part of a “mini-surge.” NATO was asked to send between 5,000 and 10,000 troops as part of an international force. In early 2010, the Pentagon increased substantially its “new civilian forces” outside of Kabul, according to ABC News.

Afghanistan’s hand-picked president, Hamid Karzai, confirmed earlier this year that the United States plans to establish permanent bases in his country. “Yes they want this (permanent bases) and we have been negotiating with them,” Karzai said at a press conference in his presidential palace in February. “We believe that a long-term relationship with the United States is in the interest of Afghanistan.”

The deal was negotiated without the participation or approval of the Afghan parliament or the grand tribal council known as the Loya Jirga.

The plan announced last week was peddled as part of the effort to train the Afghan military and police. “If [the Americans] provide us weapons and equipment, they need facilities to bring that equipment,” said Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Karzai’s top security adviser. “If they train our police and soldiers, then those trainers will not be 10 or 20, they will be thousands.”

The continued U.S. presence at numerous bases in Afghanistan is central to the generational war planned to fight against so-called international terrorism, itself a creation of U.S. and British intelligence. “We know we will be confronted with international terrorists. 2014, is not the end of international terrorist networks and we have a common commitment to fight them. For this purpose also, the US needs facilities,” said Spanta.

Andrey Avetisyan, Russian ambassador to Kabul, told The Telegraph permanent U.S. bases should not be required. “I don’t understand why such bases are needed. If the job is done, if terrorism is defeated and peace and stability is brought back, then why would you need bases?” he asked. “If the job is not done, then several thousand troops, even special forces, will not be able to do the job that 150,000 troops couldn’t do. It is not possible.”

The deal is designed to continue the engineered conflict in Afghanistan. The Taliban have said they will not negotiate peace with the government in Kabul until all U.S. troops have left the country. According to Abdul Hakim Mujahid, deputy leader of the “peace” council set up by Karzai to seek a settlement with the Taliban, the deal to keep a substantial number of U.S. troops in the country will intensify the insurgency.

In 2010, Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari said the Taliban was created by the CIA and ISI, the Pakistan intelligence agency. He also said the Pentagon is orchestrating Taliban attacks.

Most Afghans believe the U.S. is funding and supporting the Taliban in order to continue the war and occupation of their country. “The US uses Israel to threaten the Arab states, and they want to make Afghanistan into the same thing,” a highly educated Afghan professional told The Guardian in May of 2010. “Whoever controls Asia in the future, controls the world.”

For more detail, see Afghans: U.S. Created and Funds Taliban.

Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser and Rockefeller globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski argued in his book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, that controlling Eurasia is essential to the global pre-eminence of the elite. “It is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America,” he writes (by “America,” Brzezinski means the global elite represented by the CFR and the Trilateral Commission).

The Taliban originated from from Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-run religious schools for Afghan refugees in Pakistan following the CIA’s war against the Soviet Union. Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has admitted that the CIA created the Taliban. Harrison is an expert on Asian affairs and has had extensive contact with the CIA and political leaders in South Asia. He is closely aligned with the globalists through the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The anti-Soviet Mujahideen that provided recruits for the Taliban was aided by the CIA, a fact admitted by its former director, Robert Gates. The secret plan to create the Mujahideen prior to the invasion of the country was “was an excellent idea,” according to Brzezinski. “What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?” he told Le Nouvel Observateur in 1998.

The Pentagon will not leave Afghanistan in 2024. It plans to stay there forever and operate as a “muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers,” as former Marine Major General Smedley Butler said in 1933, referring to his work for them in the Philippines, China, and Latin America.

A New World Order – Is It Still A Conspiracy

Many people still frown upon the words and phrase of the New Word Order.

But in reality is it really still a conspiracy theory to this day. Or are the power that be really planning something.

Well for my readers we are well aware that the new world order is completely real. There is no denying that! But why do people still frown upon the phrase? Are they scared of the truth in which the system has trained them to be. Or are they scared of change. The fact that the new world order is here and we are currently playing the end game, the media is now pushing us towards complete acceptance on the new world order.

Today I picked up this shirt at Cotton On in Queensteet shopping mall.

Clearly labeling the new world order, selling it as a good thing. However on the sides of the shirt are the words.


“The most we could ever ask for is now long dead and gone”.
Is it clearly stating that our current way of life of freedom is now dead as the new world order emerges?

Let me know what you think.

Fair Work Australia – Know Your Rights Today!

Are you having difficulties in your work force – Perhaps your
manager might not be following the correct policy and procedures around your
current work location?


Well trust us, you are not alone. Many mangers these days are on
thin lines when it comes to work place health and safety. Correct Policy and Procedures
and even down to the work place bullying on staff or around current employees.


With this current rise in work place rights being abused we have
taken the time to source all current known information freely available on the
internet and placed it into a small open source location for you to view the
information easily.


In this article you will be able to find a few main tips and
articles from Fair Work Australia and Industry commission involving: Threatened with losing
your job, Sick leave, Overtime, Discrimination
and Making a workplace complaint.




Threatened with losing your job

It’s illegal for an employer to threaten an employee with dismissal to force the employee to:

  • do something they are entitled to do under a Commonwealth workplace law, agreement or order 
  • not do something they are entitled to do under a Commonwealth workplace law, agreement or order 
  • exercise a workplace right in a particular way

Read More



Sick leave

Sick leave is leave that employees can take when they can’t attend work because they are sick or injured.

Sick leave is a type of personal leave under the National Employment Standards (NES).

Under the NES full time employees are entitled to 10 days’ paid personal leave (for sick and paid carer’s leave) per year. Part-time employees receive a pro-rata entitlement to sick leave based on the number of hours they work. Paid personal leave accumulates from year to year.

For employees covered by an award or agreement (including transitional award or agreement based instruments), cashing out of paid personal/carer’s leave (such as sick leave) is permitted if all of the following apply:

  • the award or agreement allows it
  • there must be a separate agreement in writing on each occasion that leave is cashed out
  • the employee must retain a balance of at least 15 days of untaken paid personal/carer’s leave
  • the employee must be paid at least the full amount that would have been payable had the employee taken the leave that the employee has cashed out.

An employer must not exert undue influence or undue pressure on an employee to cash out a period of personal/carer’s leave.

Read More



Overtime is often defined in an award or agreement as time worked in excess of 38 hours or outside of ordinary hours. It could be defined differently in a relevant award or agreement so you should check to see what applies to you.

For example, if an employee does not normally work at weekends or late at night as part of their ordinary hours of work, and are required to work at these times, they may be entitled to be paid extra money. Overtime work is often paid at a higher rate of pay. This will be detailed in the relevant award or agreement.

Sometimes overtime entitlements don’t apply to part-time and casual workers until after they have worked the same number of hours as a full-time worker.

In other cases, instead of receiving overtime payments, employees may be able to take time off to make up for the extra time you have worked. This is called “time in lieu”. Check your award or agreement to see what applies in your case.

Overtime entitlements in modern awards are not covered by the model transitional provisions. Therefore, overtime entitlements under these awards commenced operation on 1 January 2010. For details of your overtime entitlements, find your modern award.

Read More



Discrimination & adverse action

There are laws to protect employees and prospective employees from job-related discrimination.

It is essential that employers are aware of this issue and provide a workplace that is discrimination-free.

What is discrimination?

Under Commonwealth workplace law, an employer must not take ‘adverse action’ (as set out below) against any employee or prospective employee because of the following attributes:

  • race
  • colour
  • sex
  • sexual preference
  • age
  • physical or mental disability
  • marital status
  • family or carer’s responsibilities
  • pregnancy
  • religion
  • political opinion
  • national extraction
  • social origin.

What is adverse action?

The following are all examples of adverse action when taken because of any of the above attributes:

  • dismissing an employee
  • damaging an employee’s ability to do their job
  • changing an employee’s job to their disadvantage
  • treating one employee differently from other employees
  • refusing to employ a potential employee
  • not offering a potential employee all the terms and conditions normally in a job.

Read More


Making a workplace complaint

You can make a workplace complaint to the Fair Work Ombudsman if you believe you aren’t getting the correct:

  • pay
  • conditions (e.g. annual leave or sick leave)
  • workplace rights (e.g. someone tried to force you or has forced you to sign an agreement).

You can also make a workplace complaint if you think your employer (or prospective employer) is discriminating against you.

Read More


Fair Work Australia


Industrial Commission

Adobe and MicroSoft Expert Says Obama Birth Certificate is a 100% Forgery

On April 27th, 2011 the White House released what they called Barack Obama’s “original birth certificate”, saying the controversy surrounding the issue had become a “sidesshow”.  “We do not have time for this kind of silliness” said Obama, “We’ve got better stuff to do.” 

However the authenticty of the document was immediately questioned by Photoshop experts across the internet.  Now, nationally recognized computer expert Mara Zebest says the birth certificate was created using Adobe software and that “One or more forgers utilized exisitng Hawaiian birth certifcates to assemble fraudulently for Barack Obama, a doucment the President presented to the world as authentic.”






Playing with Fire in a Cashless Society

Ben Parry
June 27, 2011


Cashless society, a familiar expression. Everyone has heard it at  least once in their lives. Whether you are conscious of the expression  or not, it has been thrown around countless times over the last few  decades. The words themselves evoke imagery of popular science fiction  films, set in the not-too-distant future. If one was to loosen the grip  of reality for just a moment, movies like Minority Report and Demolition Man have already painted a clear picture as to what society is to expect  for the future of commerce. But what do the words actually mean? What  will a cashless society actually necessitate to breach the realm of  science fiction and explode into our reality?

Of Gods and Titans

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is symbolic of forethought, and that was his gift to mankind.  Prometheus stole the fire of the gods and gave it to man, as man was not  born with any natural defenses for survival except our unique ability  to think. This one gift however is a double edged sword.

“That which can warm us, can also incinerate us”, warns Edwin Black, investigative journalist and New York Times best-selling author.

Dressed from head to toe in a sharp black suit, you can immediately  tell Edwin Black means business. His silver tie cuts sharply between his  jet black jacket, almost matches his hair exactly. Most famous for his  investigative expose of the atrocities committed by one of the world’s  most powerful corporations, IBM, I let his persona and achievements  speak for themselves. He has been nominated ten times for a Pulitzer  prize and has won many other prestigious awards for his investigative work.

He is definitely not one to be intimidated in the face of corporate  controversy. Some of Edwin’s award-winning bestselling books are IBM and the Holocaust (2001), British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement (2011), The Farhud (2010), Nazi Nexus (2009), The Plan (2008), Internal Combustion (2006), Banking on Baghdad (2004), War Against the Weak (2003) and The Transfer Agreement (1984).

Show me the Money

What is money? Edwin Black exemplified the historical root of what we  know today as money. “You got something, I want it. Am I going to kill  you for it? Or am I going to trade you for it? That made economic  systems. That meant a unit of monetary exchange. That was cash” he  explains bluntly. And several thousand years ago, it was as simple as  that.

Although I was speaking with a man that is able to face off, eye to  eye with a corporation as powerful as IBM, his tough, down to business  exterior disappears the moment he flashes a smile. It is a warm, full  faced smile that could lighten even the darkest of rooms. When his eyes  weren’t cutting through to your very core, they were welcoming and  gentle.

Money served as a common object that would allow people to barter  with each other, with something tangible that had an agreed upon value.  If a goat herder was selling goats at a market, and another person had a  bunch of grapes he wished to trade for a goat, the goat herder may not  have been interested in bartering for grapes. This situation would have  prevented the grape harvester from obtaining a goat for dinner. Money  alleviated this problem by offering an intermediary between the two  respected goods, allowing a fair barter to occur.

“That was the basis for the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia, several thousand years ago, with the code of Hammurabi,“  Edwin explains. Mesopotamia is what we now know today as modern Iraq  and the code of Hammurabi is one of the oldest deciphered writings in  the world, written in a script known as Cuneiform. It is similar to a  modern constitution and listed the laws of trade and commerce, with over  one half of the engravings dealing exclusively with matters of  contractual law.

Edwin Black knows the history of commerce well, as one of his books  deals with Iraq and its seven thousand year history, including the  earliest of monetary systems, “Banking on Baghdad”. Gold and silver  coins were cash money all the way through the ages until the early  nineteenth century. Every society the world over understood the value of  gold and silver and this can be seen in the modern day stock market. As  the currencies of nations falter, the value of gold and silver rise.

These precious metals have historically been of value and will always  be valued. However, carrying around stacks of coinage was impractical  and society eventually moved to a paper currency that was linked to a  common value of gold. Notes of paper that acted as receipts of gold  replaced physical gold or silver coins and were redeemable at local  banks for their value in gold. The very first Federal Reserve Bank notes  would carry the message “This Note is Redeemable in Gold on Demand”,  allowing people to still participate in commerce with gold and became  known as ‘the gold standard’. The American constitution specifically  states that gold and silver are “lawful money” and with the gold  standard, this commercial activity could still be defined as  ‘constitutional’.

The world eventually parted ways with the gold standard, leaving us  with a fiat currency, meaning that it only has value because of  government regulation or law. For example, the value of the currency is  determined by how many units of this currency is in circulation at the  time, regulated by the central bank of the nation. This is cash money as  we know it today.

Enter Electronic Currency

In the early seventies, credit cards and ‘instant money’ were considered to be the holy grail that would form the cashless society – however, these cards themselves haven’t actually extinguished  society’s reliance on cash money, which is obvious today, as cash still  actually exists.

Magnetic stripes on a plastic card have been used since the early 1960′s. Invented by an IBM engineer named Forrest Parry,  these cards were the next step towards a cashless society. They allowed  for commerce to take place without the physical exchange of money. This  was the cutting edge of technology in the early sixties and it still  persists to the modern day.

After the magnetic stripes, there is now the relatively new ‘Tap & Go’ payment system. This technology is based on NFC (near field communication) and allows the purchaser to simply tap their credit/debit card on a POS  (point of sale) device, allowing a transaction to occur. While an older  magnetic stripe card requires the magnetic stripe to pass along the  physical reader, the near field communication device only requires the  chip to be within a specific range of it, as the transaction occurs in  three dimensional space. NFC, which is actually RFID (radio frequency identification),  is considered cutting edge technology. All modern day credit cards and  passports bear an RFID microchip for NFC transactions with relevant  readers.

But these aren’t considered technologies that make up a cashless  transaction, are they? They still require something tangible for a  transaction to take place. This raises the question that if electronic  currency, in the form of a credit card or bank card, couldn’t ween the  population off of a physical currency, what could?

State of the Art

If magnetic stripes were once the pinnacle of commerce, and RFID  technology still relies on a similar sized piece of plastic, you could  consider them the same. Technology today has radically evolved into a  completely unknown beast. Check out the ‘Brain Computer Interface’ and come to the realization that the world is ‘moving forward’ quicker  than you can imagine. It is a device that fuses the nervous system of a  patient with electronics, by implanting a computer chip into the motor  cortex of a patient’s brain, and allows signals sent from the brain to  interface with a computer. A person can literally move a mouse cursor on  the computer screen with thought alone. This is revolutionary for those  suffering a condition known as ‘locked in’ syndrome, a debilitating  condition which prevents a person from moving or communicating due to  near total paralysis. However, the focus is on technology that simply  allows for commerce to take place, in a cashless way.

Mobile phones are now being used as virtual wallets. Many of them are RFID enabled through NFC and current testing is taking place in Australia to allow them to be used in place of familiar plastic cards. Of course  this technology is going to be accepted en mass, but will they lead the  world to a cash free environment?

Cashless society. A world without cash. It makes sense, we are nearly  there if you consider that Internet transactions are basically  ‘cashless’. Yet we are still bound to carrying something physical aren’t  we? Credit cards need wallets, Internet transactions need credit cards.  In the late seventies, credit cards didn’t create the cashless society.  If credit cards that utilize NFC instead of magnetic stripes don’t  constitute a cashless society, and mobile phones are based on the exact  same technology, then the only thing left would be something totally  intangible.

Playing with Fire

Would Nazi Germany have been a cashless society? “Nazi Germany would  have been a cashless society, because they were already using technical  means to deprive people of their cash. It’s one thing to confiscate  cash, its another thing to prohibit the transmission of cash or the  transactions of cash or currency of value based upon electronic means.”  Edwin continues.

“Now, you have heard of the credit society where people are enabled  to get credit cards and buy shoes and things at the store based on a  credit card, but if your credit goes bad you can’t use your credit card.  But even if your credit goes bad, you can still take a five dollar  bill, go into the grocery store and buy yourself some bread and some  milk.

“Under the cashless society, with one click, you can be DE-listed  from having a transaction. So while you can call it the cashless  society, or corporate America or the global corporations can call it a  cashless society.. so it’s convenient.. so we’re not burdened with  dollar bills and things. There’s a dark side to that. This is  Promethean. This is a great convenience and also a great avenue to  individual destruction. A great avenue toward the confiscation, not of  money, but of personal liberty.

“Imagine what would happen if the government in Syria, North Korea,  China, Libya, certain parts of the United States and maybe northern  Ireland, whatever society you wish to look at, decides that it can push a  button a stop somebody from having a transaction. They can already push  a button and stop your master card in a moment’s notice, but can they  actually push a button and stop you from buying bread? That’s what the  cashless society will do. “

“So once you can establish that modality, everything else flows from  that. First we invent the gun, then we invent what will do with the gun.  Do we defend? Do we hunt for food? Do we murder? Do we mass murder? Do  we have target practice? Do we put food on the table?” he says.


Edwin continues, “These are the Promethean issues that face us with  the cashless society, which is merely the next step in a society which  is controlled and mass controlled and centralized”.

This isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory‘, it’s a hypothetical situation that  can occur tomorrow, as the technology is already being used throughout  the world. VISA has already promised a cashless experience for  everyone at the 2012 Olympics. ‘Conspiracy theory‘ are trigger words,  very powerful ones. Even the most intelligent of people fall victim to  the power this expression wields both in its use as a weapon to prevent  an epic dialectic, or experience its devastating destructive powers as it is aimed in your direction.

Hands Free Radio Frequency Identification Device’s

Onto the stage and into the lime light steps the Verichip, the world’s first and only FDA approved implantable microchip for humans.  Get implanted with this RFID chip, and forever you can be ‘read’ with a  hand held device. Mobile phones are RFID enabled through NFC. Upon the  ‘scanning’, the RFID chip broadcasts a unique identifier key that allows  the ‘reader’ to match your unique chip with the relevant database  record.

There is a night club in Barcelona, Spain, named the Baja Club.  Since 2004 it has been offering patrons the opportunity to have  themselves implanted with a Verichip. If anyone were to take the club up  on in their offer, they are to be afforded access to the VIP section in  the nightclub, and not only did they not require photo identification  to enter the club, they also had their drink tabs charged to the chip.  This, by it’s very definition, is a cashless society. Aforementioned  logic dictates that for a cashless society to exist it would need to be  totally intangible commerce. Although right now it is limited to a night  club party lifestyle, how long would it take for this to spread like an  epidemic throughout the world, seeping into every crevice of modern  commerce?

You may have seen an advertisement on behalf of IBM being played on  television (above). This ad, exhibiting IBM’s vision of the future  market, displays a man walking through a modern day shopping complex  slyly packing groceries under his jacket. This continues through the  store as he eventually gets to the exit of the store. Throughout the  duration of the man’s time in the store there is a security guard  closely watching, and as he is exiting, he passes through what we can  now refer to as an RFID portal. Once the man passes through this portal,  a scanning action takes place, as you would expect an item to be passed  over a bar code scanner. A receipt is then spat out detailing every  item that the man has stuffed under his jacket, and accordingly whatever  he has on him, has been charged to his account. Transaction complete.  This is the future market.

What is specified technologically that could differentiate between  the man having a NFC enabled smart phone or an implantable RFID  microchip? Absolutely nothing! This is the future of e-Business  according to IBM.

While supermarket chains like Woolworths offer a customer with the  option of self-checkout, it could only be a matter of time until they  offer the intangible commercial portal that would enable a consumer to  walk through with a packed shopping trolley filled with RFID tagged  products, for a truly ‘cash free’ experience.

Cashless Society. There are only two options before us, for a truly  cashless society to exist. One involves our mobile phones incorporating  every piece of data usually stored on plastic cards in our wallets –  Medicare, licenses, credit and bank cards, etc. Or an implantable RFID  microchip.

Identification is only Step One

What difference is there, technologically, to what is available today  and what was available to the Nazi regime? “The speed is a major  difference, what took Hitler repeat efforts with IBM cards,  program after program, to register the Jews, to exclude them from  society, to confiscate their assets, the fourth area was ghettoization,  the fifth is deportation, the sixth is extermination” explains Edwin.

“That long process can now be done in a moments notice with a click of a button.”

“And further than that, in the case of the Nazi, people like my  father were able to survive the Nazi onslaught because he had blond  hair. Other people were not able to survive because they were required  to wear a yellow star, or had an ID card. And anyone who didn’t have a  yellow star or an ID card, who needed to have one, could be shot. Now  what was the purpose of the yellow star? The yellow star was to warn  people, theres a Jew there, or this man could not sit on that bench, or  this man could not walk into that store, these are Jews.”

“Now imagine if nobody needs a yellow star, and nobody needs blond or  brown hair. And everybody can be identified for their value, for their  advocacy, for their enemy character, for their adversary nature. Based  up some arbitrarily decided feature. Are they Jews? Are they young  protesters in Iran? Are they Wiggers? Are they Tutsi’s? Are they Hutu’s?  Are they the tribe of Gaddafa? Are they from the tribe of eastern  Libya? Western Libya?”.

“Now with the cashless society can you not only turn of the switch of  credit, not only can you turn off the Internet of communication, you  can actually prohibit people from using the very means that civilization  pioneered several thousand years ago that people used to rise above  war,” Edwin continues, “That was cash”.

“Just when we were decentralizing our lives, we are centralizing the control of our life”, warns Edwin.

As technology advances and we as consumers expect life to get easier  and more convenient, how are we to know that we aren’t going to get  burnt? Edwin Black has documented corporate collusion with governments  and offers a blunt warning to all who are willing to listen. Is the  cashless society the next step towards another holocaust? A  technological holocaust, at the discretion of those who control the  digital money? If a corporation as large and as influential as IBM can  remain as predominant and influential as it is, even with their genocidal history exposed, how can anyone deny a conspiracy exists?

This is not the “cashless society” that Hollywood or corporate America would have you believe. Is it?

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