US Army Families Given Orders To Prepare For Nibiru

[ED NOTE: We are giving you more information regarding the Nibiru event and Earthquake/Tsunami predictions that are taking place. Cont below.]

US Army given orders to prepare for bug out in coming weeks in order to have best position against the event of Nibiru and its effects on earth. Possible earth warnings have been made including 9.0+ Mag earthquakes which are expected to impact America and Australia with incoming tsunamis.  Given the information provided around the internet. We can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Have a bug out plan, If an event would occur.

Things to include in your Prep,

  • Food
  • Water ~ Or ability to filter & purify water – Life Straw / Iodine / Silver
  • Medical Supplies
  • Seeds for a possible garden if you find your self stranded
  • Torches / Small lantern / Candles w/matches
  • Spare Clothing
  • Utility tools – Things like a screw driver can come in handy, even if its opening a Coconut.

Please note this is just a starter prep kit, These can come in handy for any situation not just this one.  We are in no way trying to put anyone into Fear or Panic. This is for information purposes only and you can make do with this information as you wish.

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NIBIRU IS NEAR !! U.S. Army families prepared !!!

19 Responses to “US Army Families Given Orders To Prepare For Nibiru”

  1. I new it for years this is going to happend , I am hear to help poeple when it’s done , I don’t now I will live , or past , but one thing I know , I am with the lord and the universe , love light to all .

  2. Old news, It never has been confirmed that the military has been briefed, this story started off the JOHN MOORE show on 7-25-2012 — a supposedly — military insider informant leaked this information..

  3. OMG, is everyone stupid? If there was a star anywhere close to our solar system we would have seen it coming years ago. Seriously, go back to school.

    • Stop denying the signs and get yourself together. You own it yourself and your family to at least be open to what’s going on. The signs are in your face, but not in the mainstream. Do not wait until THEY make an announcement on the news. By that time it will be too late. Don’t forget what happened in Noah’s day. Please prepare…you won’t be sorry. Peace and love

    • OMG, you are one of the 99%, it is already in our solar system because it is part of our solar system it is the binary dark twin to our sun. you need to go back to school and learn your history, you made yourself the stupid one with you extremely ignorant comment.

    • are you saying you are prepping for your self and your family?!!!! WHAT!!!! you need to start school. Honey, wake up.

  4. Nibru is the tenth planet, the skies would turn red if it was close, I don’t think there will be a close encounter with Nibru. Maybe close enough to cause earthquakes, etc., but don’t think a pole reversal is in order or the earth will stop rotation, etc.

    • Dear Steve,

      in Germany there has been a report that scientists inform the ppl that the sky at night will become red in the future time….
      They said, it has sth. to do with the city lights that has been changed to LED bulbs….
      Many of my friends tell me about the night sky becoming more and more reddish…it might be because the governments destroy the highest atmosphere of the Earth to have a better communication with their satellites, I don´t know….
      But concerning the red sky, it happens now…..

  5. Ancient Sumerians might have been correct … !

  6. is everyone NUTS

  7. 这没什么,中国早有准备。

  8. all this talking like every1 knows just let time rideout and we will witness either oh is just another 1 of those lies or omfg it was true all along just saying stay human you cant be God

  9. Why is it that you extremists touting that “the sky is falling”? We have known since the beginning of time that our time will come to an end, please everybody, don’t stop living now, don’t panic, if it is going to happen, there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. When our time on earth is done here we will move on to a bigger and better place i believe. God has a plan, remember that! If we survive whatever is coming our way, it is because God wants us to experience that, and if we do not, then He wants us to be spared the hardships of trying to rebuild. May God Bless us all!

  10. We live in como ms with no means of moving.. Small town called harmontown what can we do what should we do.. We are sadly poor.. Please give us some dirrection..

  11. PREPARE FOR the worst and pray for the best God Bless America

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