WRC559 Cloud Server


This website will be a running a self hosted service in which you can both upload and download files that you would like to store on your own personal hard drives or share with the world.

Our self Hosted server will go through daily management and scans to ensure that all files uploaded contain no virus’s or infections.

I would also like you to know that downloading from our servers is at your own risk and whilst we try to maintain a safe environment sometimes incorrect files are uploaded which may be damaging to your machine, Or depending on file uploads contain mature content. So using this service is at your own risk. In the mean time will do all we can to ensure that this service is operational at its maximum potential. Our upload service should be operational at most times, However when downloading from our server we have a strict *Upload* limit so you may experience slow speeds depending on how many users are on at the same time.


We use two services with this cloud server. One being a HTTPS Secured downloading link.
The other being a a BDrive service which you can download the client software for and login to our service.

Make sure that files being uploaded to the server are not incredibly huge files. Try to keep the uploaded files between 0.00kb – 50mb – If you wish to upload bigger files. We are not responsible for slow speeds.

Please note that while this is a self hosted server, It may be inaccessible during some periods such as power outages, Server upgrades, random server maintenance.


Thank you for your understanding. This is a BETA edition of the Server and it will be improved as we progress and get more users.


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