August 10 Urgent Upate: Former NASA Scientist Spills the Beans About a Coming Pole Shift–This is Scary!

[ED Note: We urge everyone to not take what we post here as to be 100% accurate. Please follow up with your own independent  research. We are only trying to provide everyone with information as it comes to us. Regarding Nibiru we are in no way saying this is to be correct information.]


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This may be one of the scariest videos you ever see. Why? Because it confirms and ties together many of the speculative threads that have been going around the Internet for years now. Former NASA scientist, Dr. Salvadore Conte, reveals what many of us have been saying all along about the possibility of a geomagnetic pole shift taking place on planet earth. The good news is that it may not happen in December 2012 at the end of the Mayan calendar, but the bad news is that the December 21 date may mark the beginning of an event so enormous and damaging to life on earth that we will only have about four years left before we see the full effects of the shift. According to Dr. Conte, NASA has received communications from another race of beings who have confirmed the fact that a pole shift will take place and culminate in 2016. This message was confirmed by multiple signals received in NASA’s SARA department, a department devoted to classified search for and decoding of extraterrestrial signals. This is similar to SETI, but I suspect SETI is just a front organization designed to dupe the public into thinking that no communication has taken place. Anyway, Dr. Sal, as he is often called, indicates that the earth’s ability to fight off radiation from the Van Allen Belt will eventually disappear and that nearly 80 to 90 percent of life on earth will cease to exist during this time. The radiation will cause widespread death and physiological change that we can only speculate about. Click Here to read about surviving any disaster without having to leave your home! Start your preparations now!


2 Responses to “August 10 Urgent Upate: Former NASA Scientist Spills the Beans About a Coming Pole Shift–This is Scary!”

  1. Bullshit,and scare mongering, just save time n tell us the name of your book n sod off!

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