U.S./NATO to Incite War with Iran in September/October 2012

Published August 16, 2012 | By



Lindsey Williams, pastor to the elites, was recently on the Alex Jones show sharing some of the inside information he has about the timeline established by the elites for the purpose of establishing their New World Order. With all of the talk of Nibiru/Planet X and the coming pole shift lately, we have to keep in mind the possibility that the info we’ve been getting regarding those events may have been misinformation designed to keep us distracted from what is really going on. According to Williams, the elites have two primary agendas in the near future. First, they have to reestablish control over the people by inciting war between the United States and Iran. This should lead to an outbreak of World War 3 that will provide the elites with the perfect opportunity to seize upon peoples’ fears and establish their one world government. Secondly, they are also going to devalue the American dollar to destroy the American economy and ensure compliance with the NWO. The standoff in Syria is a prelude to what is taking place behind the scenes. Once the war breaks out, it will provide the perfect opportunity to seize the world’s oil supplies. The value of the world’s currency is relative to the cost of oil. Whoever controls this will control the economic destiny of the other nations of the world. The elites have been holding off the crash of the dollar so that they can buy up all of the debt in the world and turn us all into slaves!


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