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Mobile Phones Can Cause Brain Tumours, Court Rules

Emma Little and Michael Day
October 19, 2012


Italian businessman Innocente Marcolini, 60, fell ill after using a handset at work for up to six hours every day for 12 years.

Now Italy’s Supreme Court in Rome has blamed his phone. Experts have predicted a flood of legal actions from victims.

[…] And yesterday his country’s Supreme Court stated there was a “causal link” between his heavy phone use and the growth.

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It starts: the government’s plan to steal your money.

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man :

There are consequences to being flat broke.

There are consequences to investing any level of confidence in a financial system underpinned by debt and the creation of paper currency.

There are consequences for ignoring reality and pretending that everything is normal.

This is one of them: European officials yesterday flat out admitted that they were discussing rolling out a series of harsh capital controls across the continent, including bank withdrawal limits and closing down Europe’s borderless Schengen area.

Some of these measures have already been implemented sporadically; customers of Italian bank BNI, for example, were all frozen out of their accounts starting May 31st upon the recommendation and approval of Italy’s bank regulator. No ATM withdrawls, no bill payments, nothing. Just locked out overnight.

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Upcoming Headline Risk: Another U.S. Credit Downgrade

by Thomas Kee, Seeking Alpha:

All eyes are fixated on Europe right now, and the market swings with each headline that comes across the wires. Uncertainty abounds as investors try to determine the credibility of these headlines, and try to predict the outcome for Greece … and then Spain, and then Portugal, and then Italy.

But, the old saying goes, “Those who live in a glass house can’t throw stones.” On Tuesday, May 22, the Congressional Budget Office released a report indicating that if the Bush Tax Cuts are allowed to expire, as is currently planned, and if the agreed upon budget cuts are put forth next year, the economy will slip into a recession in early 2013. This got much less press than the drama coming out of Europe, but I find this to be a much more significant risk to the market this summer.

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Jim Cramer Is Predicting Bank Runs In Spain And Italy And Financial Anarchy Throughout Europe

from The Economic Collapse Blog:

During an appearance on Meet The Press on Sunday, Jim Cramer of CNBC boldly predicted that “financial anarchy” is coming to Europe and that there will be “bank runs” in Spain and Italy in the next few weeks.  This is very strong language for the most famous personality on the most watched financial news channel in the United States to be using.  In fact, if Cramer is not careful, people will start accusing him of sounding just like The Economic Collapse Blog.  It may not happen in “the next few weeks”, but the truth is that the European banking system is in a massive amount of trouble and if Greece does leave the euro it is going to cause a tremendous loss of confidence in banks in countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal.  There are already rumors that the “smart money” is pulling out of Spanish and Italian banks.  So could we see some of these banks collapse?  Would they get bailed out if they do collapse?  It is so hard to predict exactly how “financial anarchy” will play out, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the European financial system is heading for a massive amount of pain.

Posted below is a clip of Jim Cramer making his bold predictions during his appearance on Meet The Press.  He is obviously very, very disturbed about the direction that Europe is heading in….

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