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Survival Hand Book Guide – Recreated!

So for the last few months we have been hosting survival guides in which you can download or keep tabs on your iPhone, Androids, PC’s and access at anytime. However the downside was it didn’t support Apple Mac correctly, Now we can support all users!

Through out the website you will see this image:

Once the image has been clicked you will directed to our new Pogoplug cloud:

At this link you will be able to view Numerous links, Articles, Tips, PDF’s, Audio Files on preparations for many different reasons.

It has been live now for 2 days, And down the track we will be adding many many many more files and documents to the cloud.

In the event that the cloud may be attacked, we have a back up cloud hosted on our own server. Whilst upload speed from this server that we self host is incredibly slow for high end users we will only be implementing it at a final stage of information sharing. Until then, Enjoy.

To Come: The ability to upload to our server, Your own documents, PDF’s, Audio Clips etc.


Ability To Upload Files:


UPLOAD RULES/Preferences :
Please keep Uploading Of File Size For PDF’s Below 10MB each.

Audio Clips Compressed To Below 5MB If Possible For Below 20 Mins, 15MB for Audio Clips Up to 1 Hour



Donations and Cloud Storage

We are doing this for you.

The cloud only has 4GB allowance. If you are able to donate to us, we would be highly grateful for your support, also we are then able to increase the allowance.

30GB STORAGE = $4.95 / month
100GB STORAGE = $14.95 / month
1000GB STORAGE = $59.95 / month
Whilst storage space is limited we reserve the right to delete any files or folders that may not be suitable for the cloud.

WRC559 Self Hosted Cloud Server
Get it all from all your devices.
For the past few weeks we have been hosting an online server outside the main media of corporate censorship.
We are self hosting this service on our own network and the only thing that can bring it down is if we get the FBI knocking on our door, Or something even worse – Our internet gets shut off. Until then you can upload files, documents, audio, anything thats within reason. That you want to share with the world. Got a breaking article that Youtube has censored then upload it to our self hosted server with BDRIVE Client and you can share it with your friends. Got a file which you want to share with the world on a HTTPS link. Let us know and we will create that for you.
Access the server information at this link – Download the software and begin file sharing.
We are currently on of the first alternative media sites to host a public server. I know others such as Naturalnews have called for P2P client software *While we are currently using BDRIVE.* – Get on board and test it out. Who knows you might like it.
Any Questions let us know.
This is a self hosted network and any donations would be welcomed, Help us expand our network, Get faster upload/download speeds. If you can support us. Like what we are doing. Please let me know at
Still a little bit skeptic about the service, Learn about it below.

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