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Why Gold and Silver will Ultimately Prove to be the Best Safe Haven Assets in the Coming Financial Storm

by Peter Cooper, Arabian Money:

Suddenly the calm is over and the storm is upon us, at least in the North West USA if not yet in financial markets. That said the trouble brewing in those markets looks about to turn into a once-in-100-year storm too.

US political instability is a frightening prospect but that looms large with a very close race for the White House and uncertainty over the composition of the legislature after the elections on November 6th. The automatic austerity of the US ‘fiscal cliff’ on January 1st is far from being automatically avoided and markets loathe this sort of uncertainty.

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Gold vs paper money: Which should we trust more?

by Simon Jack,

A popular solution to the financial crisis has been to print more money, but is there another way of fixing our economy? Would the financial system be more stable if each pound, dollar or euro in our pocket was once again backed by gold?

Brian from Manchester has lost faith in money. After selling his house, he decided to turn his cash into something he says he can trust: Gold.

“I started in 2005 and now I’ve got £200,000 worth – about half of what I own – in gold.

“If I kept all my money in the bank, the value of my work would either devalue over the long-term or it would be wiped out.”

Brian’s worry is that inflation will erode the value of his savings over time, or worse still, that fragile banks and governments will fail to protect them in another financial crisis.
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“Start Quote

I do fear governments, in their desperate search for wealth, constantly printing more money to deal with the debt that they have at the expense of people like me.”

Frances Investor in gold

And he is not alone in these fears.

Frances, who lives in London, sold her flat in 2008 and invested £40,000 worth of the profit in gold, which she bought via the internet and keeps in a vault in Switzerland.

“I don’t fear a financial Armageddon,” she tells Radio 4′s Analysis, “but I do fear governments, in their desperate search for wealth, constantly printing more money to deal with the debt that they have at the expense of people like me.

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Manipulating the World Economy Or Just Understanding How It Really Functions.

from ArmstrongEconomics:

Some people will never admit a mistake. No matter what I say, they just will not believe me. I have
received emails from some nasty gold fanatics saying the government is right for whenever I put out a
report saying gold will decline – it does. When I go to Capitol Hill, I am introduced as “this is the guy
with the model they are trying to suppress!” Now I am fighting in court because they refuse to issue me
a passport. Why. There are “other issues!” No explanation of course just denial of free speech.
Here is a monthly chart of the US 30-year Treasury bond and the pattern is very clear. The flight-to-
quality is not yet over. I have been warning gold was not ready yet for prime-time. Here we are on the
edge of Europe being torn apart at the seams, socialists taking control of the battlements, inflation
appearing likely, yet gold retreats. Phase ONE of a Sovereign Debt Crisis is international capital flight-to-
quality from one currency to the next. I have warned that the USA would be last to go – not first!

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China Q1 gold imports up six-fold

by Lawrence Williams,



China’s imports of gold through Hong Kong have risen six times in the first quarter of the year compared with a year earlier – with March 59% above February’s figures on a month on month basis..
China looks as though it could be well on the way to overtaking India as the world’s largest gold consumer this year as the import data through Hong Kong – seen as a proxy for China’s total imports, which may be far higher – have continued to surge, growing six-fold from the same quarter a year ago.
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Will Gold Buy a Case of Beer? (or Lunch?)

from ReutersTV:
Talk about garbage in garbage out, Felix Salmon, a blogger for Reuters and an avid gold skeptic, sets out to prove that gold is a lousy form of money that really can’t be used for everyday transactions (What a barbarous relic!).

But… surprise, before long an informed restaurateur gladly accepts his gram of gold in exchange for lunch. And as the top comment on You Tube notes:

“What the moron here doesn’t get is, 10 years from now, he’ll still get 3 lobster rolls for 1 gram of gold, but not for $52. ”


What Drives Silver Prices?

Silver’s increasing industrial demand has helped its price rise at a faster rate than gold.

from The Hindu Business Line:

As a long-term investment, silver has delivered even more stellar returns than gold. The return on silver over three, ten and twenty years’ time frame has been higher than gold.

Yet, silver lagged gold in the fiscal year ended March 2012, managing only a 0.1 per cent gain while gold vaulted 33 per cent in rupee terms.

The slowdown in silver price gains recently is explained by three factors. For one, silver’s fundamentals are linked more closely to growth in the global economy because it is being used increasingly as an industrial metal.

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London Trader: Sovereign Gold Buyers to Raise Their Bids

from King World News:

With many global investors still concerned about the price of gold and silver, today King World News interviewed the “London Trader” to get his take on these markets. Here is what the source had to say: “Every time they have conducted raids in the paper market they lose more and more physical gold and we work from a higher level in terms of price. Right now we have washed out an awful lot of the hot, weak money out of the gold market.”

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Cartel Dumps 225 Million Ounces of Paper Silver Over 30 Minutes As Gold, Silver Raided

From Silver Doctors:

*UPDATED with TD Ameritrade Volume

We reported a few minutes ago on the gold & silver raid in progress. The cartel raids have now smashed gold over $82 from $1788 to $1706, and silver close to $4 (10%!!) from $37.62 to $33.68. Also notice the classic mini-parabolic moves to the upside immediately prior to the raid- absolutely CLASSIC CARTEL ACTION!

The raid began at exactly at 10:00am EST coinciding with the Fed’s release of its monetary policy statement to the House Financial Services Committee.

For those who claim these immediate waterfall gap-downs in both metals were as a result of Bernanke’s dissapointment in no further QE, please realize this occurred exactly as the full report was released, and note the massive paper volume of 225 MILLION OUNCES OF PAPER SILVER OVER 30 MINUTES used to smash gold by $65 and silver by $2!:

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Why Do We Support Gold And Silver?

We present to you this day from far and beyond the keys to waking up and helping those around us to notice what is money and what you currently use as money is nothing but phony currency. The world is saturated in debt, and the banksters are doing nothing but creating more debt. Day in and day out, you are still using your credit card to make purchases of goods and services that without it you would not be able to have. So you are creating debt and using non-existent money (Untill you put it into circulation) to buy goods and services. It’s a complete phony system built up on a lie.. AND to top it off… You have fallen for it.



Spare your self the heartache and watch these 3 videos below. Give your self approx 3 Hours and allow your mind to take in all the information, Next go out and purchase the goods you think you should be purchasing… We can only blow the trumpets for as long as we can, But if you’re not willing to listen to the facts then we cannot help you. (But deep inside i know you will take this opportunity to go out and purchase your first ounce of silver.)

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The American Dream By The Provocateur Network (29:55)


Debt Collapse – $20,000 Gold – Mike Maloney On Gold, Silver & Economics (1:29:27)


Chris Martenson’s Presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid (1:11:43)


GoldNomics – Cash or Gold Bullion?

Original Article Found From BrotherJohnF

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Bullion Dealer Forced Close To Cover High Volume Sales

Personal Silver and Gold blog.

With Silvers recent run down, a lot of dealers where either forced to close due to loss profits or a shortage of stock.

Well that is what has happened with our local dealer here in Brisbane recently. Today after checking in with the bullion dealer as i do every week, i decided to ask the question as to why the online store was closed in which you can view in our previous posts. The answer to that question was simple. The demand was to high and silver and gold stocks were depleting. The system has some issues it need to seriously sort out, For those who are well-educated seem to find it hard to sell their silver and gold when the prices fall like they had. In fact, instead of us actually selling silver and gold we are stacking even more. So as the system tries to destroy the silver and gold market and rid our confidence in the metals this is actually having an opposite reaction.

So here’s the deal. Everytime you see the price fall in gold and silver, be sure to not only purchase some for your self but get all your friends to purchase some to. The time is almost up for cheap gold and silver so its time we starting taking action against the system and sucking up as much metals as we possibly can in such a short time like we did this time. With the amount of silver purchased this price drop, the price of silver should have immediately bounced right up, So gets you thinking, with the prices still sitting at $30.00. The system really does control the metals market doesn’t it. 😉 – Personally i wish the price of silver crashed to $5.00 an oz.

Bullion Dealers Close On Extremely Low Silver Prices in 2011


All over the world bullion dealers are closing there shops while silver and gold perfom record low prices this september, and almost all year of 2011. Below is who are usually open untill 10PM every day (Except weekends) are closed untill further notice. Or alteast untill prices rise again, right?

While Ainsliebullion is Australia’s largest dealer apart from the Perthmint, i will be asking them this week if they closed there doors for good, or just there online shop.

Not only has Ainsliebullion closed there doors however reported on also closing for online trading at these prices. Perhapse they to dont want to be giving silver and gold away at these low prices. So i guess where can you go now while stores close at these low prices? Well one place has’nt closed down, however the prices wont be as cheap.

Update: While Bullion prices stay down, so does the Ainsliebullion Company in Australia. Checking in at 11.40am today there was still no announcement for when the company will open up again. Trying to cover losses companies have been forced close untill further notice. Or at least until I question them this Friday, what forced them to close!

Did you visit your broker today?


With BrotherJohns forecast of a massive price decrease in silver last week, that is exactly what we have seen. But guess what that means…. Buy, Buy, Buy!

I myself went out and purchase a few more oz of silver at $32.60 an oz spot. I recommend you don’t get greedy and take today’s prices sitting at $31.00 an oz. Will the price of silver go lower, well speculation is chatting and the figure is $26.00 oz. But I wouldn’t be waiting for the low because at anytime this market can change. Get what you can at today’s prices, if it goes lower, then buy again. Period.

Bix Weir stated : you must own physical to survive.

Gold Silver down on false economic strength?

ED Note: so gold and silver is down and the US dollar is up. Well here in Australia I know that means higher Gold / Silver prices for us, however on this smack down it’s time to go buy again.

Whenever the markets are smacked down, Gold and Silver is the light at the end of the road when it “hits the fan”.

Those who hold the physical will be the one who make it to the next monetary system. Not to fear-monger, but you can pretend nothing is wrong anymore. Changes are coming and those who are in the know are the ones who will be prepared when it comes, and when it comes you I hope to god all of you are prepared. Speaking from Australia our markets are shaken every day from the effect of Europe. So who’s going to save you when this system collapses?


Gold and Silver take small dip on open markets

[ED Note: Markets opened today on a low. Lets watch to see if there is a high recovery by close]


Live 24 hours silver chart

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Smart Money Moving Into Silver as UBS Says $50 Silver in 3 Months

UBS raised their 3 month forecast for silver sharply from $30/oz to $50/oz. They suggest that investors are too nervous to short gold and may be preferring to buy silver instead.

Silver remains more than 16% below the record nominal high seen in late April 2011 and in January 1980. While gold at $1,888 is now 120% above its nominal 1980 high of $850/oz.

The inflation adjusted high for silver is over $130/oz and those who understand the fundamentals of the silver market are positioning themselves for the possibility of a move to these levels in the coming months.

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