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Why Gold and Silver will Ultimately Prove to be the Best Safe Haven Assets in the Coming Financial Storm

by Peter Cooper, Arabian Money:

Suddenly the calm is over and the storm is upon us, at least in the North West USA if not yet in financial markets. That said the trouble brewing in those markets looks about to turn into a once-in-100-year storm too.

US political instability is a frightening prospect but that looms large with a very close race for the White House and uncertainty over the composition of the legislature after the elections on November 6th. The automatic austerity of the US ‘fiscal cliff’ on January 1st is far from being automatically avoided and markets loathe this sort of uncertainty.

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Silver: Supply and Demand

Silver: Supply and Demand

Published on Jul 24, 2012 by

Ever wonder how supply and demand affects the price of silver? It’s not as simple as you may think. This educational video explores the economics of silver and its various uses for industrial demand. Visit for more information. Presented by Endeavour Silver Corp. as part of an ongoing series of educational films on all things silver.



Silver: Supply and Demand Part 2, Investment Demand

Published on Aug 23, 2012 by

This educational video looks at how and why people invest in silver. While economic, socio-political and psychological forces play a large part in determining the price of silver, it all comes back to the basic principles of supply and demand.
Visit for more information. Presented by Endeavour Silver Corp. as part of an ongoing series of educational films on all things silver. Check us out on Twitter: @EDRSilverCorp

The Dumb Money Hates Silver, It’s Time to Go Long

By Peter Krauth, Resource Investor:

Speculators hate silver…

For the past year, the positive silver headlines have been few and far between.

Ever since the poor man’s gold peaked near $50 in April of last year, it’s become a despised metal.

Admittedly, it’s been languishing near $27 since early May not far from where it was for the first time – in this bull market – back in late 2010.


But as I’ll show you, right now a number of technical, seasonal, and sentiment indicators are pointing upwards for this volatile metal.

This could well be the critical turning point silver investors have been waiting for. One of these indicators is the resilient price of gold.

Let me explain.

The Silver/Gold Ratio

Silver has always pretty much been gold’s lapdog and on a relatively short leash at that.

As a rule, silver prices usually follow the direction of gold. But as long time silver investors recognize, the moves are amplified both on the downside and the upside.

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Why Is the Future Silver Supply More at Risk than Gold?

By Steve St. Angelo, Financial Sense:

The focus of the markets and the alternative media is firmly placed on the continued disintegration of the world financial system.  Many believe that the collapse of the fiat monetary system along with the global banking cartel is the worst possible outcome.  However, this may actually turn out to be the good news in a sea of bad news that is lurking around the corner.

As the world’s attention is currently directed at its massive paper-debt dilemma, a physical problem looms larger each passing day.  This is what I call, the brontosaurus in the living room.  The information provided in this article may help connect the dots to the reader who has been grossly misinformed by the highly specialized analysts in the various industries and media.

In the future as tens of trillions of dollars of debt masqueraded as wealth implodes, there will be a stampede into the best safe havens available — the precious metals.  Many believe gold will play the major roll in this upcoming transfer of wealth.  While this may be true, silver could actually turn out to be the better choice when we consider the factors presented in this article.

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Pitfalls of Silver Price Technical Analysis

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver Seek:

Technical analysis of the financial and commodity markets has been used effectively by traders to analyze price movements of commodities and stocks for hundreds of years. Despite being one of the most effective methods for forecasting future price movements, technical analysis can break down and give conflicting signals when certain events occur.

This seems especially true in the silver market, where a number of factors have changed that precious metal’s trading dynamic. Reading silver’s future can be more accurately done by interpreting a combination of factors, which include price action and participant positioning.

Latest Trends in the Silver Market

As previously mentioned, a number of different factors are contributing to price movements in the silver market. To a person unfamiliar with recent developments, these factors might make market moves appear counter intuitive.

For example, large commercial traders are currently positioned for higher prices, while recent downward price momentum has hedge funds and speculators adding to the downside price pressure.

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Alert! Gold And Silver Manipulators Are In Trouble.

Published on Jun 28, 2012 by

In this video I discuss how precious metals manipulators are getting into a tough spot.
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Silver Paradigm Shift: Devil’s Metal Hits 19-Month Low As Funds Eye Quarter-End Position Shifts

from Silver Vigilante:

By the end of the day Thursday, silver has crossed below its 18-month bottom of $26.25. It broke through this on the bid before 11:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, west coast United States. Therefore, expect possible further weakness tonight on the Globex. Silver fell quickly down to $26.13 for a spike-low that might be the bringer of warning for the future. Calls are being made for a weaker euro, such as is covered here. More pressure is being put on the United States financials, and thus the stock market, as $9 billion is reported lost at JPMorgan. Both of these signal bearish for precious metals, including silver.

With $26.75 now a memory since the metals fell Thursday and Friday of last week, and $26.25 barely hanging on, if at all, it is reasonable to conclude that the most recent medium-term paradigm for silver has broken down.

Will silver bounce off this low? It very well might. But, finance capital has, through their manipulation of the silver market, demonstrated their awesome patience.

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Silver Could Preserve More Value than Gold

Hubert Moolman

The fundamentals for silver and gold are very strong, and with all the massive bailouts, which are increasing debt levels, they are just getting stronger. Until a significant portion of these debts is repaid or defaulted on, it would be foolish to talk about a top in precious metals.

The repayment of debt (or default on debt – which is more likely) will result in significantly reduced economic activity. Significantly reduced economic activity will have a negative effect on the stock market, which in this case, will likely result in a huge crash. It is these conditions (a deflating debt bubble) that will drive gold and silver prices significantly higher. Read More

One Billion Silver Ounces and 100 Billion Owners

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver Seek:

When considering whether silver is a good investment for the future, you might want to take a closer look at the current above ground supply of silver.

A reasonable estimate is that roughly 1 billion ounces of silver currently exists above ground in investment grade form.

This does not include the ounces of silver that need to assayed, melted, and recovered from what little silver is left in jewelry, silverware or sequestered away in electronics.

But at least it’s something.

Silver Derivatives and JP Morgan Chase’s Recent $2 Billion Loss

A classic example of the risks involved in derivative products that have no readily visible asset underlying them, such as synthetic credit and debt instruments, is the recent $2 billion loss announced by J.P. Morgan Chase.

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1:1 Allocated Silver Exchange to Suck Metal Away From the LBMA – Ned Naylor-Leyland

from Silver Doctors:


Ned states that the new Asian silver exchange he is working alongside Andrew Maguire to launch (which has been kept tightly under wraps up to this point to prevent western banking interests from derailing the launch as happened with the PAGE) will trade 1:1 fully allocated silver contracts, and will suck physical metal out of the LBMA system.

The new Asian silver exchange could prove to be a paradigm changer, as Ned estimates that Chinese savers took up 1 billion ounces of silver & 100 million ounces of gold via gold & silver backed savings accounts in 2011.

Ned also discusses the Spanish bank bailout which he describes as the European financial community merely admitting we have contagion, as well as shocking information regarding the actual owner of the ‘GLD’ gold bar held up by Bob Pisani infamously, which Leyland states has been confirmed to be owned by ANOTHER ETF!

NOW is the Time to Buy Silver!

Published on May 29, 2012 by


It has been 13 months since May 1st Silver drive-by shooting of the silver market. 13 months of aggressive price suppression, well timed margin increases, naked short selling and price propaganda. 13 months of of people struggling with their decision to buy physical silver. 13 months of a battle between the Wall Street paper traders and the physical stackers. This is a struggle that can only end in this titanic fraud ending and the fractional reserve debt based monetary system and all of the unsustainable control systems in the ash heap of history.

NOW is the time to buy silver. When all of the froth is out of the market and this is where the smart money sees the truly under appreciated assets and keep accumulating. The utter complacency in the silver market today is astounding, where as once a new Eric Sprott interview on Zero Hedge would get hundreds of comments in a few hours, now a day will go buy with hardly anything.

Things have only gotten exponentially worse in the fiat debt based world that we live in. No longer do we worry about companies like Enron, or hedge funds like LTCM, or even institutions like Bear Stearns taking down the economy, now it is sovereign nations. This systemic failure cannot be absorbed by any larger entity and will result in the complete destruction of this world economy and a final, and very necessary, purge of all of the global debt. The only way to secure your future is by owning things of real tangible value, and nothing shines brighter than silver.

A Prepping Manual: Preparing for the Worst

from Silver Doctors:

Prepping is partly buying a grocery list of items you need to stock, as well as a mind set that moves beyond the physical act of getting supplies in the cupboard. Stocking up is a great place to start. Stocking also buys you invaluable time to assess situations as they crop up while keeping you safe.

Preppers have a situational awareness of what might affect them in unexpected ways and unpredictable directions. Every plan comes unglued when it encounters the real world so having backups to your plan will smooth your way to safety. Some of those are in this short guide.

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I’m Buying Silver

from Liberty Blitzkrieg



As of a few minutes ago, I put in my largest order for physical silver since 2010. I am not trying to be a hero or call the bottom, but because many people do ask me for my opinion on the precious metals I decided to make the buy public. The rationale for me is extremely simple. First, I find silver under $30/oz to be a total steal as I expect it to trade well into the hundreds of dollars an ounce in the years ahead. Furthermore, I think the Central Planners of the world will be forced to act sooner rather than later. As someone that did the vast majority of his buying years ago, I have been much more patient with my buys in the last few years. I suspect there are many others out there just like me. The minute these markets turn they will be in there bidding for physical silver, which I believe cannot be bought in serious size. The market will turn hard and fast. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Oh and of course, by buying silver I mean physical and I’m taking delivery.


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A Silver Primer

by Chris Dumont, Investopedia:


Silver is used for everything from industrial purposes to decoration to photography to medicine. Its unique combination of strength, malleability and conductivity makes it a major force in the commodity market. Along with its more well-known brother gold, investors should know what affects the price of silver, what types of investments can be made and the methods in which it is traded before making any investment decisions.

SEE: A Beginner’s Guide To Precious Metals

Price Drivers
Silver is a unique commodity in that it is widely used for both industrial and investment purposes. Gold’s price is primarily driven by investment demand, with only about 11% driven by industrial use.

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Indonesia imposes 20% export tax on Gold, Silver and Platinum

from Bullion Street:


JAKARTA(BullionStreet): Indonesia has decided to retain gold, silver and platinum in the list of minerals enforced with a 20 percent export tax but coal is exempted.

A total of 65 mineral categories has been included in the list which is expected to provide the government an additional revenue up to $2 billion.

The minerals include antimony, bauxite, chromium, copper, , iron ore, iron sand, lead, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, and tin apart from gold, silver and platinum.

Indonesia’s Finance ministry said the regulation would assist the government in properly listing and managing mining export performance in the country.

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Ellis Martin Report with DAVID MORGAN: SILVER “Bottoms Up?”

Published on May 20, 2012 by

In this interview with Ellis Martin, David Morgan (The Silver Guru) shares his opinion as to whether or not the bottom has come and gone in the precious metals market, whether it be the price of the physical commodities or junior mining stocks. Is it time to jump back in? ‪‬ ‪

How To Keep Your Silver & Precious Metals Safe in a Zombie Apocalypse: An Analysis

from Silver Vigilante:

In the event of a zombie apocalypse there is one particular step you can take in order to keep your silver and precious metals secure. First things first, trade in much of your silver for gold or platinum.

Silver is an excellent investment provided that one does not need to constantly be on the move. Once this circumstance is no longer valid, silver becomes a bulky and risky asset to own. Timing is key. If the news wires are reporting zombie takeover of cities, run over to the nearest bullion dealer who has remained opened so as to take advantage of the chaos. Negotiate the absolute best deal they will afford you, and hand them your precious silver for precious gold and platinum. Now, you are ready to be on the move.

Second, keep your mouth shut. Theft is among the most likely ways you will lose out on your stack in a zombie apocalypse.

Do not tell any of your zombie friends and acquaintance that you own any position in precious metals. By telling them that you are in possession of such value, zombie greed may overtake their faculties of decision-making and they might turn on you in the crisis.

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THIS is Why I’m Invested in Physical SILVER

by H Mandeel, SGT report

Contrary to many other investors, I did not invest in physical silver out of fear of an economic collapse or inflation or hyperinflation. I invested in silver purely based on the anticipated future supply shortage. To demonstrate my point, here is a chart on the total remaining silver years of supply based on current production rates.

As seen in the green graph chart, in the next 10 years Canada, China and Mexico would be running out of silver. This will remove 9000 tons (289 MILLION ounces) of annual supply from the market. That’s a whopping 40% decrease from current mine supply! And the chart assumes NO INCREASE IN DEMAND over the next 10 years. Read More…

Silver heading down to $26 an ounce before a huge year-end rebound?

Trying to tip the direction of the most volatile of metals is a futile task and we would never advise anybody to attempt to trade the silver market. Even JP Morgan is going to get caught out with its massive short position one day, and any idea that these are the true masters of the universe is surely buried by the $2 billion loss admitted last week.

However, if you are considering the establishment of a silver position you still need to decide a precise time to buy, you have no option but to do that. So on those grounds only you do have to think about the immediate price outlook and make your best guess.

Technical analysis

Bob Kirtley of notes: ‘Taking a quick look at the chart we can see that the 50 day moving average didn’t make the cross over of the 200 dma, that we were hoping for and so the pressure remains on silver prices. The drop below $30 that we have alluded to has now happened. We see this as at or close to a possible buying opportunity, however it could go as low as $26, so it could be worth the wait for slightly better prices.

‘Also note that the RSI has dipped below the ‘30′ level which is usually a sign that silver is oversold and that a bounce could be on the cards. This is not always the case and is not totally reliable, but it does suggest that the selling is overdone at this point.’

That is the technical view from the charts. ArabianMoney is very bullish on the long-term fundamentals for silver (click here). But we have always viewed a short-term sell-off along with just about everything else as a high probability. This seems to be where we sit today.

Equity option?

Like Bob Kirtley we also think that the mining sector equities could be a major opportunity in this sell-off and the ArabianMoney newsletter (subscribe here) has some neat ideas on how best to profit from this.

For as the printing of money by global central banks cranks up even further in the aftermath of a major correction then the only two currencies that they will be unable to print will be gold and silver. Quantitative easing is not alchemy!


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